1. “Rumor has it that people who live in the Arctic communicate with one another in a very unique way: because the snow-filled air freezes people’s voices into blocks of snow and prevents them from hearing one another, they take the snow blocks home, turn on the stove, melt the snow, and listen carefully.”  
    - , written by Xia-Yu



In Françoise, the wishes and dreams of different individuals are put together: “please make my dream come true,” “I wish to become a useful person,” “I wish to live a life without worry,” and “I wish to see my father again.” Particular attention is attached to their speeches and wishes, or more specifically, the “flow of ideas” hidden behind their words (regardless of whether their words come from a foreign language). The statements made by these individuals form “sparks,” which are transferred to the “other side” and received by “listeners/others” in mediation. The voice fields created in this literary work are like a painting made by multiple authors, in which all individual statements are converted into sounds and form a “web of ideas” in a chaotic yet orderly space. In this “web of ideas,” people seem to communicate both with themselves and with others. As the incessant wishes continue to repeat themselves, the faces of the wishers gradually fade, and the wishes are separated from the individuals making them. Nevertheless, the speeches continue to search for their recipients. The “listeners/others” asked to grant the wishes are gradually revealed, similar to the printing of coin pictures on paper until the images are clearly shown. Such wishes epitomize the dreams and aspirations of people of the past and those of the present.



Sky Blue Series

  1. […] My eyes had been the weariest caravan at duskthe earrings have existence on a slant
    desire refract light and
    time, like mercury, drops to the ground
    - Hsia Yu



The heavy fog that shroud one's consciousness is disquieted by intermittent sound of waves, as the scenery slowly emerge from obscurity. The sky has lost its arch, and the sea is compressed into a straight line along with the beach. Like mirage emerging from the heated horizon, the sun glitters on the sea. Whereas things in the distance are confused with those in close range, I glimpse the slanted horizon in a dazzle.

Conceived in Santa Monica Ocean Park on the west coast of US, Sky Blue, ±1 merged the characteristics of still photography and video (the subdued moment vs the extended continuum) in an attempt to render the silent, flowing sense of time in scenery of suspended atmosphere. Sky Blue, on slantiness re-ordered color blocks of sky blue, sienna and ocean green to re-embed the sea horizon between land and sky.



Fairy Lake Series

The vacuous lake gives an unreal aura, and the forest is barely discernible in the play of light and shadow. Dressed in red, a girl trails around the trees as she immerses herself in number-counting, her voice lingering in the unrest of rustling leaves. The Fairy's Lake series originated from a hide-and-seek game on the riverside. When the hiders disperse and disappear, the seeker becomes conspicuous. The work's visual perspectives are derived from the hiders' peeking points, from which various temporal dimensions are designated in a proliferation of infinitely diverse “instants”. The “instants” liberated from this fracture of moments are no longer tied with chronology of events in the objective sense, they are rather cross-sections of phenomena that ceaselessly return on another temporal plane. The kaleidoscopically emerged “instants” have rid the events of their courses. What happened no longer matters as much as the details that come to fill up the screen. The series invite audience to be attentive to the instants “events” are made up of, and to ponder on the ever-changing immediate moment, the here-now.



The Carousel Waltz Series

In the Parisian scenery of limestone walls and misty sky, lavishly decorated carousels are easily notable amidst monuments such as Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel), Champ-de-Mars Garden (Jardin du Champ-de-Mars), The Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Sacré-Cœur), or in secluded corners in Luxembourg Garden (Jardin du Luxembourg) and Monceau Park (Parc Monceau). The carousel was a prominent form of gala amusement since the early 20th century. For over a century it continues to fascinates children in various guises of white horses, gray donkeys, flying elephants, unicorns, pirate ships or space shuttles. When the children mount on them they long for suspension of time and the spinning ever-lasting. As music swirls and the surroundings gradually becomes a blur, portions of reality will elude and slip into the realm of fantasy – if only the harness is held a bit more tight. Inspired by such childish longing and fantasy The Carousel Waltz series reenact a multitude of revolving game machines in Paris. The carousels spin, and yet there is no one sitting on any of them. There is no exciting voyage calls and no end to the inert spinning either – for a journey without destination has not a beginning nor an end. Like heavenly bodies rotating in different speeds, the carousel respond to a time intrinsic of their own. The 3 ½-minute-journey thus becomes eternity.





2014  Post-doctoral, Collége d'étude mondiale, FMSH, Paris, France

2012  Doctor of Fin Art (Very honorable with the congratulation of the jury unanimously), Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University, Paris, France

2008  M.F.A (Very honorable with the congratulation of the jury unanimously), National Rouen College of the Arts, Rouen, France

2005  M.F.A, Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University, Paris, France


2014  ISCP Open Studio: Fairy Lake, The International Studio & Curatorial Program, New York, USA

2010  Throw in a Vacuum, Théâtre de la Condition des Soies, Avignon, France

2009  18th Street Arts Center: Au Châtelet, 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, USA


2014  Dreamcatcher, Spacewomb Contemporary Art Gallery, New York, USA

2014  Mixture, Galerie Éphemère, Erquy, France

2012  11th White Night in Paris, TEP St-Paul, Paris, France

2012  Passage of Time, Galerie Michel Journiac, Paris, France

2011  The Figure and/or the Location, Galerie Crous Beaux Arts, Paris, France

2010  From Body to Body, Galerie de l’Angle, Paris, France

2009  Topographie in vivo, Galerie Talmart, Paris, France

2009  Film - Art Gallery, Auditorium du musée des Beaux-Arts, Rouen, France


2014  The 15th Artists in Residence Progeamme - Ministry of Culture Taiwan : TheInternational Studio & Curatorial Program (New York / USA)

2013  Scholarship sponsor form Gerda Henkel Stiftung and la Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme 

2009  The 8 th Artists in Residence Progeamme - Council for Cultural Affairs Taiwan :The18th Street Arts Center (Los Angeles / USA)