CHEN I-Feng

            CHANG Huei-Ming

            TSAI Chih-hsien

            KU Shang-Ling 

2013.05.18 - 2013.06.22

《Visual Lure》, as title of the opening exhibition of Crane Gallery, means to bring diverse viewpoints and levels of thinking via confronting artistic visual lure. Most people have habitual ways of thinking about space and objects, which are related to one’s personal experience and cultural background. Those thoughts may be often presumptuous judgments, which are restricted, superficial and intentional, that limit one’s point of view and furthermore create inadequate conclusion. The line of thinking is significant for one’s appreciation rather than the perceptible temptation. Through the opening show 《Visual Lure》, Crane Gallery intends to present not only an art space but also a place obtains varied sentiments and ideas. We do not expect a revolution, yet a revitalisation of the rich cultural characteristic in Kaohsiung. Crane Gallery is located at the old area of Yancheng District, where some might observe declining business, but we discern the bright return of new generation from another standpoint.

Visual Lure

Crane Gallery opening exhibition