Artists: Laza WU Tzu-Ning 

            TSENG Wei-Hao

            CHI Kai-Yuan 

            CHENG Hsiu-Ju

2013.08.31 - 2013.10.05

‘Border’ is the edge of an area, a borderland, an extremity and the frontier where pioneers and explorers attain. This zone of tension comprises an unknown limit of ‘being crossed’ and ‘being changed’. It is a passive state when viewers receive the invitation from artworks and have to respond to involve, express or resist. On the other hand, it is active when audiences’ conscious leads the movement of their bodies, which is a free and flexible decision. What posture will we participate in artworks with? How will our bodies be situated in the context of artworks? Right at this moment, the viewer’s ‘body’ departs from the artworks, and is this ‘departure’ having a certain orientation, a return, a retreat or an escape? Where are we heading? The participant can choose the direction and also how to act or position. 《Man on wire – yes, you can swing》invites Laza WU Tzu-Ning, CHI Kai-Yuan, TSENG Wei-Hao and CHENG Hsiu-Ju to create a site where their artworks may develop the relationship with the space also with the audiences. Their bodies are going to be attracted by the artworks and to encounter, involve and then move out of the extensive border.

Man on wire – yes, you can swing