2013.10.12 - 2013.11.16​

We see wind because there is swinging and there is cloud.

Therefore, wind is genuine and it is the music of nature that evokes our desire for having a conversation with our inner part.

The imagination of wind is a reflection of fragmental emotion, a reinterpretation of images, an exploration of oneself and a wandering in one’s mind.

‘Seeing the stroll of wind’ is a travel invitation of a young artist LIN Wei-Hsiang. He invites audiences to the world created by his brush. The gallery space is the barricade blocking noises from outside and allows audiences to appreciate the painting also the poetic meaning within it. The experience is like acknowledging nature as one’s mentor in order to explore a variety of journey.

Hence, audiences become travellers who amble in the world created by LIN Wei-Hsiang. He creates scenery with oil painting, and all the brushworks can be seen as traces of his searching for an ideal state of mind. If one can see the eternity at the moment and use an aesthetic imagination to look for the view that constantly changes, one may see the stroll of wind and hear the whisper in one’s mind.

Seeing the stroll of wind

​Text/ Sean Weng