CHIU  Chen-Hung

                  HSU   Jia-Jhen

                  TSAI   Kuen-Lin

2013.11.23 - 2013.12.28

Sculpture is no longer simply one object or a piece of artwork on a plinth; on the contrary, it is situated within urban culture and made up with people, land, objects also sites and linked with each other. The exhibition Land up in the ground includes TSAI Kuen Lin’s work ‘Sound Cube’ that creates a sound landscape and drifts memory and experience; CHIU Chen-Hung’s ‘Marble factory laborers’ and ‘Cart’ depict a location via image and objects and build a mobile-free space and time; Hsu Jia-Jhen reconstructs a semi-Geological ground object ‘Before/Fault’ to connect the real world, and TSAI Kuen Lin’s ‘Mountain·House’ repairs genuine sensation through neutral vocabulary. Five artworks develop the context of contemporary sculpture, and this exhibition intends to lead audiences to dig up a different manner of viewing, to intervene social topography and invite audience to discover a new path to Land up in the ground.

Land up in the ground

​Text/Hung Yun-Ting