TSAI Chih-Hsien

                    KU Shang-Ling

2014.02.22 - 2014.03.29

People pursue ‘the sense of handicraft’ nowadays. They are attached to craftsmanship after the time of over mass industrial production. Through the activity of obsessively focusing on the sense of touch and temperature, artists and audience evince their consciousness or comfort and generate an ideology of value via artworks.

‘Disguise’ is a conversion of KU Shang-Ling, TSAI Chih-Hsien and Peng ii’s creation that presents how they organise their entangled/origin thoughts and rhythm of body by way of making handiworks. Artists find resonance while creating art pieces and intimately soliloquise in the state of being passionate as fixation and confident as worship. The affection for texture is inexpressible enthusiasm that expresses painterliness in sculptures.

Disguise is a trick to hide oneself. When artists and artworks are opposite one another, their subjectivity and objectivity repeat conversation and wear each other down. The relationship of disguise is self-projected with artists’ touches. The first experience of handicraft leads beauty to devotion, and the artists’ mind are becoming relax from nervous, alleviated from anxious.


​Text/Lee Mei-Cheng