2014.04.12 - 2014.05.17

Excerpted from

Artist Statement ‘”We” about solo exhibition <Prima Facie Exhibit: Park>’


Who am I? When a person asks: who am I? This person becomes the question: I am ‘who am I?’ This I become a line (boundary) that can be the differentiation of symbols, the scarfskin of body or an ideological contradictory. ‘I’ am inside this line, and my ‘not self’ is outside of it. ‘Self’ is a product of consciousness that is the sum of all the ‘past’ and what has been known (I/ not self). Creation is released from the justification of the ‘past’, which means that unless one can find the answer underneath the obvious ‘prima facie’ fact, one will be trapped inside a stereotype of lacking self-consciousness due to the circumstances underneath the ‘prima facie’ fact only exist in the group consciousness of human being.


The reality of creating, the reality of artworks and the reality of viewing are mixed and turned into a ‘body’ – living in a park, which is the best site for thinking ‘communality’. Through ‘painting occupying’ ‘here’, painting becomes a dialogical state of ‘art total’ showing the possibility of overlapping ‘painting with park’. This possibility surrounds a core of ‘habitat’ to deliver thoughts, and this ‘habitat’ is communal that reveals a path of ‘communality’ in this park.

Prima Facie Exhibit : Park 

​Text/CHI Chien