CHEN I-Chun

                   CHANG Ting-Ya

                   YANG Yi-Shiang

                   CHAO Lu-Chia

2014.07.05 - 2014.08.10

In memory, into the universe, we self-reflectively projected a gloomy image. Our shadowy nightmare and paradoxically stern thoughts deconstructed space and time in some place obscure. Existence was like a resentful comedy, and our imagination roamed and stalked in-between scenes of tales. That world sincerely explored its prototype shimmering.


‘Somewhere’ indicates a status of drifting, searching and encounter and also implies a distant sensation beyond here. There is an authentic reality between somewhere and the present place that stays imperceptibly in the parallel universe. Astronomers say: the reaction caused by the clash by parallel universe creates abnormal residual radiation textures. Correspondingly, for artists, is an artwork a spectral texture generated by engagements in the multi-universe where one exists? ‘A String’ vibrates, and the persistence of vision due to vibrating makes one must start to choose between actual and unreal also to tell whether the image is a fantasy being too substantial or an actuality being too illusory. <Somewhere is there on string> not only continues the concept of a projection of imaginary world from the previous exhibition <Reality is somewhere out there>, but also highlights one’s perspective about the tangible world through four participating artists’ practices: Chang ting-Ya, Chen I-Chun, Yang Yi-Shiang and Chao Lu-Chia.

Somewhere is there on string 

​Text/ HUNG Yun-Ting