LIU Chih-Hsiang

                    LIN Cheng-Wei

                    LIN Yun

                    WANG Ting-Yu

                    CHUANG Tong-Chiao 

2015.03.14 - 2015.04.19

“Nostalgia” is a yearning for home. Rich with intense emotion, it contains a void that seems to be from a lifetime ago. However, in a post-modern world, prompted by the explosion of information technology and social change, people have begun to wander from one place to another without a place to call home. Thus, “homesickness” has become that of a short and fleeting feeling; it has become that of a yearning for multiple places, or even anyplace, anytime, or all the time, much like a machine in the factory constantly turning. Therefore, people living in the modern time seem to live as a “homesickness manufacturing machine”, producing a constantly migrating homesickness. This abnormal mutated version of “post-homesickness” now carries numerous re-definitions of “home”. Homesickness has lost its speed due to velocimetry. This phenomenon is similar to Paul Virilio’s talk of “disappearance”. It is not “missing” or “not existing”, but rather “dislocated” and “temporal”. The accelerated homesickness enables simulations to replace poetry, turning the term “home” into a symbol for flowing, non-specific objects.

The exhibition Nostalgia Machine depicts the “post-homesickness” within the framework of velocimetry. The wake of the information age and nomadism has re-defined “homesickness”. The exhibition features the works of Wang Ting-Yu, Lin Cheng Wei, Lin Yun, Chuang Tong Chiao, and Liu Chih Hsiang. Through different mediums and creative styles, the artists interpret the homesickness of living in another place. It could be the center and border, or maybe a country and culture, that under speed through continuous migration, influences the artists’ creations. Through creating, “reverberation” of “home” is retrieved. In different times at the different homes of different places, the irreplaceable nature of poetry is recovered once again through resonance, thereby examining the recognition of its identity within velocimetry.



Nostalgia Machine