2015.11.28 - 2016.01.10

Aesthetics of life - an aesthetics based on life as its field, target and core. Springing from this, the artist, Lin Wei-Hsiang focuses on the rigid civilization, showing his concern and attachment to the nature and primal human temperament. He is, in nature, a poet.

The clouds and mists in the mountains of “Reality in the Landscape” act like a blown and downwind flag revealing a vivid sense of layer of the forests and glens, and letting the audience senses and feels the constant wetness in a rather obvious way. It is a world of imagination, a better world that is presented to us without any reservation but also, a world that misses some of the details of the reality. The artist is more keen on experiencing the weather changes during seasons through the applying of brush stroke on his paintings, rather than carrying out an in-depth analysis on the colour. Transcending from the artificial landscape, one can then return to the reality with its real face unmasked.


Reality in the landscape