2016.01.16 - 03.06

the name of the exhibition-Sham-bha-la is transliterated from Sanskrit which refers to the ultimate blissful and pure land. The artist applies the fictional land as the main subject concept by means of installation to transform the logical references among forms and substances poetically also to manifest a way consisting of materiality and spirituality also reflecting the reality that we live in.

the exhibited works are inspired by the marble industry in artist’s hometown, Hualien where is known for forestry and marble industry. As an artist comes from the construction materials heavyweight, Chiu Chen-Hung tried to deal with different specifically facets of the mineral industry including industry, natural environment, activities in industry and religion. He employed the stone buddha carvings (the extension of the local industry ) as the lead of the concept of his works. By referring to Buddha stories, extracting different symbolic animal images from the stories like deer, hawk and dove which applied in his works and utilizing the marble debris of Buddha image carving, the work signifies and manifests itself inside(the material)-out(symbolic religious attributes).

Besides, the artist deconstructed the factory and made use of the material to forge a groups of organic structures. These debris derived from the factory represent shattered and fragmented puzzles also like the traces of certain transmission, exploration of the spiritual joint of body and soul. Though arrays of deconstructions and reconstructions of details and contexts, the artist piling up all the remnants into an offbeat narration by means of installations which consists of objects, images, smells, sounds.

The artist also has been ruminating a different canon of icon making in wester art history. Therefore, by collecting, remolding and reconstructing the connection of the industry and a real place is also a local archeological exploration which is the way how the artist develops the mending memory method of religion and art.