ARTISTS: Xindian Boys

2016.03.19 - 05.01

Xindian Boys consists of four artists par excellence, namely TSONG Pu, CHEN Shun-Chu, WU Tung-Lung, and SU Hui-Yu. They come from different generations respectively and adopt different kind of creative media such as painting, installation, photography, and video. It is a rare sample of teamwork-oriented artist group in Taiwan over the recent years. After their first collaborative work series, “The Determination of Life” exhibited in 2012 and the three-channel video installation “0343” finished in 2015. The latest work in 2016: “Lost in Interstellar Space: RED”, is the third work of this series of Xindian Boys.

In 1985, the famous minimalist sculpture “Finite to Infinite” was accused of alluding symbol containing "Red Star". In the context of "fear of ideological problems", artist Lee Tsai-Chien was forced to repaint his work to other colors. This was caused a lot of controversies at that time. After a series of color replacement several times, “Finite to Infinite” has eventually rehabilitated and restored until now. “Lost in Interstellar Space” is presented to this mystery of Taiwan art history as a starting point which is a retro Sci-fi movie, and been molded by the conception “metaphysical exile” of the Soviet science fiction art film “Solaris”, directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. Through the space narrative, it reflects the absurdity and nihility of human beings. “Lost in Interstellar Space” scenes are taken from Xindian Creek after a typhoon disaster in 2015, at such changed terrain and barren dry riverbed, Xindian Boys elaborate this abstract art involves political issues aforementioned with their unique image style in order to introduce us into their Sci-fi journey they created: “Lost in Interstellar Space”.

Lost in Interstellar Space : RED