Text/ HUNG Yun-Ting

Through the underlying causes and principles of science and technology, we have been able to analyze the "inevitable" results of natural laws such as orbital radians, hexagonal shapes of snowflakes, temperature of freezing and boiling water, and distance between the earth and the sun. But with the "super" development of science and technology, scientists pointed out that the universe we are in is no longer unique, the formation of some of the universe is only "accidental", so the measured parameters have been rewritten, we can no longer specify the differences between universes. If, incidentally, scientists went to a different direction when discovering the laws of nature, then the time compression and the disappeared distance caused by the globalization eliminate the necessity and differences of the physical world, so immeasurable.


Measure is the method that the human being exploring the Nature. The scale is the way we understand the world and use it to imagine the future. The creation core of Hung Yun-Tin means the reality, imagination, fabrication, even the illusion at the present time and space, and expects to search a language from the truth of the all things on earth to communicate with the world. In the exhibition of 《Do/ Through/ Measure》 represent the topic of creations of《Untitled》、《Trains Fast Fly》which focus on「measure」and 「scale」, which also makes our body go through the works, pass the routine, then meet the unknown ; together with the past works 《A world without memories is a world of the present》,《Scene on the wheel》and《The world is flat》to explore this changing, disordered by the technology compressing the time and space, and unmeasured realistic world.