Text / CHANG En- Tzu



Big Brother is watching you

We have known too little. As we detect the strange event, we find that it is delicately decorated under the façade of elegance; however, it is too hard for us to find the scenery, which is so beautiful and so peaceful, is entangled with the darkest side of history.


It has been 30 years for the democracy in Taiwan. Among the books published by both government and non-government, as citizens, we can strongly perceive how wide the power was abused under this authoritative regime, yet how elusive the dictatorship memory has been remembered. However, little has been known about the specific number of those who were prisoned and executed under the dictatorship.

I was born in Taiwan’s society after the years of the lifting of Martial Law, and now I still feel confused and restless about the identity politics as well as the historical event silenced. The maxim "Big Brother is watching you" comes from George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Big Brother is a symbol of dictatorship as well as the omnipresent monitor over the people. The maxim is the corresponding symbol that annotates this solo exhibition.


During the course of my creation, the representation of exploring the conflicts/social construct is always the main theme of my oeuvre. The use of the soft material such as the unnoticeable "needle" and the meticulous "line," with the blend of the tradition of the sewing, details the hardship in a soft and tender manner. The solo exhibition is a new series of works. The content is embroidered with the traces of the authoritarian oppression and the symbols of the transformed. The whole space beautifully and delicately displays, like the daily scenery of home, but it seems to reveal layer after layer of heavy historical memories buried.