The name of the exhibition - “Barren“ very direct description of the state of the works. In general we will not find in the industrial construction of the existence of plants. Nonetheless, deliberately put the grass in the title, indicates that the object has a relationship with the grass.


Close to the real practice and add emotion to express works. When the audience to face these objects like to enter into the artist created the mountain, the natural field; Although the object being manufactured is false, but because the material itself is very solid object appears to be true. Objects simply provide the viewer with visual and physical experience. There are some walking, bypassing and crossover behaviors that are passive in the body's participation, like in the mountain.


Artists seem to share his experiences of objects through their works. Allowing the viewer to experience the feeling of being close to nature in the face of these serious, non-temperature objects. Very hard to tell a little thing. But hidden for environmental concerns. people in the natural environment to see the industrial products feel natural. It is difficult to separate them clearly. Just to correspond to the state of the audience into the field.

Text / LIAO Chao-Hao