Turn down the pulse


Artist: Kong Chun-Hei


About the show


“Turn down the pulse” reveals a restrained practice. Consider the possibility of meddling on the operation and structure of matters. Eliminate the readily available reduction and counteract those adapted waves.

1. Split the wave through the boundary. Terminate the swinging. Provide a specific 

    stride across two monotonous surfaces.

2. Clench the disunited and reflective object. Inspect the flexibility of remaining stagnant.

3. Let the tension become a hollow phrase.


4. Have the divided things be a divided form in hand

5. Stretch the body as much as possible in an existing framework. Increase self-weight.

6. Grey is a delusion caused by distance. Black and white never settles.

7. It won’t have any result and nor is it for any result. It’s only about the act of peeling.

8. Raise the hidden backside to the frontside. The operation is the decoration. It turns into an   

     object that has lost its depth.

9. Always assume it stays outside.

They came from object-oriented considerations. You may dress them up with a mutual hypothesis to make everything become obedient. You can realise their meaning perfectly well from a fixed distance but unable to recall the constitution of a corner.