Crane Gallery

The name of Crane Gallery in Mandarin (pronounced as ‘diao-guei’) means ‘very strange (in a paradoxical way)‘, with reference to “Zhuangzi”. The gallery owner Mr. Weng Jung-Hui loves ‘crane’ (pronounced as ‘diao-che’), which is homophone with ‘Diao-guei’ in Mandarin, therefore names the gallery after ‘Crane’ in English. 

The house of Crane Gallery at Yancheng District has been through several businesses and now is transformed into a gallery. During the flow of time, the building carries the trace of different periods and saves a period of splendid and unusual history. In the past decades, Taiwan is growing peculiar situations regarding to politic, social system, cultural phenomena and mortality. People are forced also getting used to the unbalanced north south resources distribution. Kaohsiung is the second large city in Taiwan, yet has no sufficient cultural and art platforms to support the artistic development. Since the official resource is unbalanced, the individuals should take the task and make influence.

Crane Gallery is a conveyor of cultural and art as Yancheng District is the artistic area in Kaohsiung; Kaohsiung is the imaginative city in Taiwan. Therefore, Kaohsiung is designated to be unusual in order to accommodate diverse subjects. Cultural and art are not meant to be indistinguishable. However being different is not the only goal of Crane Gallery, but also acting as a stage that presents divergent artistic and cultural creativities in order to discovering inspiring people also bringing new generation back to the city to rich the southern Taiwan. We do not manifest international connection; yet start to build the relationship with the local and link existing art places to make this old area of Yancheng District a new spot of cultural and art.