CHI Kai-Yuan

Triangle Table

Crane Gallery is a space full of geometric shapes. At the entrance on the ground floor, a huge piece of glass separates the space with angle and creates the overture for the perception of the gallery space. Therefore, I make a new division – an arbitrary isosceles triangle ping-pong table that is slanting responds to the glass also the space.

In front of this new platform (of ping-pong table), I observe how a body responding to this familiar yet strange object especially when the body starts to exercise since it must alter the conventional movement for the crooked triangle table. The body has to invent a new gesture for striking the ping-pong beyond the ordinary rules.

CHI Kai-Yuan CV

1983 Born in Kaohsiung , Taiwan


2011  National Changhua University of Education - Department of Fine Arts. Graduate


2013  The Residential Artist of Treasure Hill Artist Village / TW

2012  The Residential Artist of Bamboo Curtain Studio / TW

2010  The 10th Annual Residential Artist of Stock 20 Art network of Taichung Railway Warehouse / TW

2009  The 9th Annual Residential Artist of Stock 20 Art network of Taichung Railway Warehouse / TW

2008  The 5th SLY Art Space New Emerging Artists / TW

2007  The 6th Annual Residential Artist for Art Site of Chiayi Railway Warehouse / TW


2013 「Blooming without reasons」, Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei / TW

2009 「A Solo Exhibition by New-York Chi」, Taiwan New Arts Union, Tainan / TW

2008 「Performance One Man Show」, Dogpig Art Café, Kaohsiung / TW


2011 「New Directions : Trans-Plex Weaving Platform」, Kuandu Museum , Taipei / TW

2010 「Art Sync」, NARS foundation , Brooklyn / NY

2010 「Open Kitchen」, Da Gallery , New York / NY

2009 「On the Way」, International Performance Art Meeting , Da-an Park , Taipei / TW

2009 「Resident Artist's Group Show」, Stock 20 in Taichung Railway Station , Taichung / TW

2008 「The 5th Emerging New Artists Exhibition」, Sly Art Space, Taipei / TW

2007 「Art & Environment Boot Camp」, Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei / TW

2007 「Black Golden Section Art Festival」, Art Site of Chiayi Railway Warehouse , Chiayi / TW