CHUANG Tong-Chiao

Home, solid and concrete. A place to repose on a cold wintry night; a place to rejuvenate on a warm sunny day.

Home, a safe haven. A place with warm bath and a comfortable bed; a place with my deepest and purest longing.

Years after leaving home for school and work, I long for the return to the pure and primitive longings. This is why House and Universe has been an ongoing project for me. I want to express my longing for home through simple geometric forms. Cold at times, warm at times, solid and untainted; like the words in the chapter, Simplicity, like The Dream of Home and Everything Breathes Again, I want to bring back the pureness in memories through elements in the universe, through discontinuous juxtaposition of singular temporal and spatial elements. Home, a shelter, a fortress, a place of dream. 

CHUANG Tong-Chiao CV



2011  Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique (DNSEP), Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Paris-Cergy

2009  Diplôme National d’Arts Plastiques(DNAP), Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Paris-Cergy

2003  B.F.A., Department of Plastic Art, DAYEH University, Taiwan


2012  Paysage signalétique, Atelier de Jardins de Formosa, Poitiers, France

2011  Landscape blueprint, (work in situ) Black blank art space, Taichung

2005  After the sentiment poetic, Dogpig Art Café, Kaohsiung


2013  The Following Shadow, Liang Gallery, Taipei

2013  A3 À toi, Instant42 Art Residency /Studio/Gallery, New Taipei City

2012  Occupation corporelle, OFF Festival d’Avignon, Avignon, France

2011  Fairy tales, moon and the run-away spoon, Soka Art Center, Tainan and Taipei

2011  Jiw Jaew Jor Lok, Kadist Art Foundation, Paris, France

2011  PUBLIC ENEMY, in the streets of Cergy city, France

2010  Jeudi’s, Centre George Pompidou, Paris, France

2010  Avalanche, Salle Sainte Croix des Pelletiers, Rouen, France

2008  7 Plurisensoriel 7, Centre culturel, Flaine, France

2008  31. 09. 2008, Gallery Kaywon school of art and design, Seoul, Korea

2008  Promenade, Dalian art academy, Dalian, China

2008  Rideau Vert, La maison des Essars, Bram, France

2004  New Perspective Art in Taiwan, county seaport art center, Taichung, Taiwan


2013  Petroleum Age 2013 Material Language-Plastic, Juming Museum, New Taipei City

2012  Rippling Roaming Emanting-Ju Ming’s World of Color, Juming Museum, New Taipei City