Micro-Scale Atlantis

All the clues we learnt about Atlantis were originated from the Dialogues of Plato. Geographically, whether Atlantis was located near Cyprus, Crete, Ireland, Strait of Gibraltar, Cadiz, or even Antarctica, the assumption was based on the vision of human-scale only. However, if we can break the stereotype or abandon man’s perspective, and try to review the clues from a different scale, will there be other discoveries?

To search for a new perspective, I returned to the origin, re-read the Dialogues of Plato, excerpted the hidden clues from the text. Then I switch to a micro-scale vision to explore another possibility of Atlantis legend.



Sandstorm•Travel Souvenir

This creative art piece was inspired by the sandstorm that hit Taiwan, which not only brought in severe air pollutions, but also took in rare fungi that didn't grow in Taiwan. To track down the subtle footprint of the sandstorm, I traveled around Taiwan to fifty railway stations to collect local air and microbe and stored them in the glass bottles. This collection is a display of invisible impact of the sandstorm and implicit memory of my journey.




Postgraduate student, Graduate Institute of Interdisciplinary Art, National Kaohsiung Normal University

<p class="fl W400 biotexttitle">Current positions</p> <div class="fl W070 biotext">-</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">Executive Director of A-Mi Artists Community</div> <div class="fl W070 biotext">-</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">Executive Director of Taiwan World Pressed Flower Association</div> <div class="fl W070 biotext">-</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">Senator of Pingtung Common Art Committee</div>



Micro-Science, NKNU 4417, Kaohsiung, Taiwan



Sphere of The Moon, No.110, Xinle St., Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Tiger in a Wedding: Stories of 11 Ladies, Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


An Inconvenient Truth: New Environmental Art in Cijin, Cijin Shell Museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

To Be Continued, NKNU, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

<div class="fl W070 biotext">2011</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">Earth=Their own~EatherEco and Their own Unity –“Bottle Within the Landscape”-WAA- Taipei<br />Environmental Protection Bureau Kaohsiung City Government 99Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Artistic Creation ~”Organic Garden”-Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza、Dream-Mall、National Science and Technology Museum.<br />New Taiwan Mural Team Taiwan Move Creation'Yunlin Huweiliao Project'- Yunlin Huweiliao<br />New Taiwan Mural Team Taiwan Move Creation 'Taitung Project' -Donghe the old Brdge</div> <div class="fl W070 biotext">2009</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">‘Disappearing Eden’~ Functionality of the Arts Listings – National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute<br />Council for Cultural Affairs ‘Intervention of Art Spaces’, Artist of the Kaohsiung Art Planting Project</div> <div class="fl W070 biotext">2008</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">Tree Valley Park Public Art 2 ‘Flower Love’, Tree Valley Science Park, Taiwan<br />‘Mechanical Art in Component Street’, ‘Visual Decipher System’, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung</div> <div class="fl W070 biotext">2007</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">‘A Flower’, Group Exhibitions, ‘Scent’, Art Site of Chiai Railway Warehouse, Chiai ‘Autumn Cool’ Tree Valley Park Public Art, Street Furniture Creative Workshop, Tree Valley Science Park, Taiwan</div> <div class="fl W070 biotext">2006</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">‘Bomb Shelter Visual Art Exhibition’, ‘Take Us to See the Story’, Kio-A-Thau Artist Village<br />‘East West South North’ A-Mi Artists Group Exhibition, ‘Thruster’ –Kao-Yuan Art and Culture Center, Kaohsiung<br />Council for Cultural Affairs Public Space Art Renewal Project-Sparrow Loves Phoenix Chiautou “Nine and 3/4 Forest” –‘Sparrow Nest’ –Kio-A-Thau Artist Village<br />‘Bon Voyage Artwork’ Taiwan Woman’s Art Association Group Exhibition<br />‘Voyage˙Game’ –Nanhai Gallery, Taipei</div> <div class="fl W070 biotext">2005</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">‘A String of Rice Sugar’ Kio-A-Thau Artist Village and A-Mi Artists Group Exhibition- Kio-A-Thau Artist Village, Kaohsiung<br />Kaohsiung International Container Arts Festival-“Game Box” – Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts Lawn, Kaohsiung.</div> <div class="fl W070 biotext">2004</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">High Spatial Installation Exhibition-Tree House Art Space, Ping Tung</div> <div class="fl W070 biotext">2003</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">Ping Tung Peninsula Arts Festival Artist-in-Residence, Kenting<br />Kaohsiung International Container Arts Festival-Being Beautiful, Kaohsiung</div>



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