HSIAO Chu-Fang

In the “Flowing Christmas”, I arrange a person, and put the glasses on his face. I felt the glasses turn to a bow. Then, I painted some red and green noodles connect to the bow. I was a game that I play with myself when these associations came into my mind. Now I am telling you the humor thing in the “Flowing Christmas”, but suddenly it become really not funny to tell you this directly.

Being a kind language, art can tell us about the artist’s thinking. I would like to make people understand my work easily. I am trying to observe people including myself, and record my life by painting.

For me, the manuscript is diary, and some of them could be pieces of me. Like talking to myself, painting could be a media to convey many ideas and my daily life.

One day, I was squatting and washing my head, and my head accidentally hit the faucet. It was a deeply pain! It occurred to me that the foam on my head could turn white to pink. I actually made sure of it at that moment. In this exhibition, I show about 10 pieces in my past 10 year works. People is always the subject that I concern about. I am happy that I always have the sense of humor to treat anything. By making art, I can record my observation and thinking in my life.




2008  M.F.A., Plastic Arts, Tainan National University of the Arts (TNNUA)

2004  B.A.Ed., Fine Art and Crafts Education, National HsinChu Teachers


2013  Dot dot dot dot dot dot, IT Park Art Gallery Taipei, Taiwan

2012  I Was Counting Sheep All Night, Gai Art, Taipei

2012  Dialogue Practice, Shijie Gallery, Taichung

2012  You Got It!, TAI YU Beaux Arts Salon, Chiayi

2011  What?!, IT Park Art Gallery Taipei, Taiwan

2010  Don't Forget To Pick Me Up!, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2010  Raining Heavily Inside, Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2007  Line Show, Butchart International Contemporary Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan

2006  It occurred to me that…, Wen-xian PAINT HOUSE Fourm & studio, Tainan, Taiwan

2006  Hsiao Chu-fang solo, Shin Leh Yuan Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan

2004  It occurred to me that…, NHCTC Gallery, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan


2013  EVER AFTER:Celebrating 25 Years of IT Park, IT Park Art Gallery Taipei, Taiwan

2013  Re-CHIAYI, TAIYU Beaux Arts Salon , Chiayi, Taiwan

2013  Innovation & Re-creation, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

2013  Asian International Art Exhibition, Rachakamnern Contemporary Art Center, Bangkok

2013  Start from Zero, Metaphysical Art Gallery, Taipei

2012  Inside-Outside, Yuan Ze University Arts Center, Taipei

2012  NCCU Very Fun Park, NCCU Art & Culture Center, Taipei

2012  Next Super Star, CANS Tea House, Taipei

2012  Art Show Busan, BEXCO Exhibition Hall, Busan, Korea

2012  Confused, not Confused?, Metaphysical Art Gallery, Taipei

2012  YOUNG ART TAIPEI, Sheraton Hotel, Taipei

2012  Memory Pool, Cafe Showroom, Taipei

2011  Art in Taiwan, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Tokyo, Japan

2011  Asian International Art Exhibition, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

2011  Sounds of Peace- Exhibition of ROC Centennial Peace Day, Kinmen, Taiwan

2011  Figure of Illusion-Japan Taiwan Exchange Exhibition, Inart Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan

2011  OPEN STUDIO, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei


2010  YOUNG ART TAIPEI, Sunworld Dynasty, Taipei

2009  ART Singapore: The Contemporary Asian Art Fair, Suntec Singapore, Singapore

2009  About the Orientation of 21 Century Artists, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

2009  フワフワマシュマロ, TAIYU Beaux Arts Salon , Chiayi, Taiwan

2009  The First Touch, 99 Art Space, Kunming, China

2008  ART TAIPEI 2008, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2008  The Empire Strikes Back, Impressions Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2008  SWING, Chenlinghui Contemporary Space, Beijing, China

2007  Taipei Arts Award, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

2007  Have You Eaten Yet, 2007 Asian Art Biennale, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

2007  Art Beijing 2007 Contemporary Art Fair, National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

2007  Very Fun Park II, Contemporary Art Exhibition at 50 Sites in Eastern Taipei City, Taipei, Taiwan

2007  Ambiguous Childishness, the Stock 20, Taichung, Taiwan

2007  Shinning at Asian Dawn: Taipei Soka Contemporary Space Opening Exhibition, Soka Art Center Taipei, Taiwan

2006  Taipei - Views and Points, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

2006  Key Words, Art Site of Chiayi Railway Warehouse/The Stock 20, Chiayi/Taichung, Taiwan

2006  Falling In Love-Dancing With The Contemporary Art, Quanta Research & Development Complex, Taoyuan, Taiwan

2005  Well Done-The Art of Design World, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Taipei, Taiwan

2005  NEXT, PAINT HOUSE Forum & studio, Tainan, Taiwan

2005  にガワ,Chiao-Nan Community,Yan-Shui,Tainan

2005  The Mirror Image From Others & Differences, The Art Center of T.N.N.U.A., Tainan, Taiwan

2005  OFF,The Visual Building Of T.N.N.U.A.,Tainan

2004  ON – Curator: Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts, the Visual Building Of T.N.N.U.A., Tainan, Taiwan

2004  Taipei Arts Award, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

2004  Energy from N.H.C.T.C.,Art Site of Hsin-Chu Railway Warehouse,Hsin-Chu

2004  Work for Art,Cultural Affairs Bureau of Hsin-Chu County, Hsin-Chu


2013  Artist-in-resident Program, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, U.S.A

2010  Artist-in-resident Program, Instituto Sacatar, Salvador, Brazil

2007  The S-An Esthetics Prize

2007  Taipei Arts Award, Honorable Mention

2007  Artist-in-resident Program, the Stock 20, Taichung, Taiwan

2005  Project Grants of Fine Arts, National Culture and Arts Foundation

2004  Taipei Arts Award, Selected Prize

2004  The S-An Esthetics Prize


2013  “Dot dot dot dot dot dot”, Art Bank, Taiwan

2012  “Dialogue Practice”, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan

2011  “Unreachable”, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

2010  “Friday”, Sacatar Foundation, Brazil

2009  “Little Music”, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan