I have created an installation work and three-dimensional works mainly using cloth.

The encounter in the day-to-day is only a small event. For example, the sound was, but like that do not know where you are, such as the existence of my imagination.

The attention to events, such as is happening in the corner of the field of view I think I want to make to see where they appeared, the atmosphere of the moment (air), what you cannot see it (feel) for, a kind of gimmick.

I hope to be the important time when that scene resonates in the heart of somebody.




2012 ‘air to see’, Hokkaido Arts Foundation, Sapporo, Japan

2012 ‘wind stops’, salon cojica, Sapporo, Japan

2009 ‘late wind’, CAI02, Sapporo, Japan

2009 ‘Traces of the Sky’, atta gallery, Sapporo, Japan

2007 ‘breeze’, TEMPORARY SPACE, Sapporo, Japan

2004 ‘fresh and yound secret’, 11 gatesu Bath Gallery, Sapporo, Japan

2004 ‘Why did a bird’s eyes meet mine?’, Free Sapce PRAHA, Sapporo, Japan

2004 ‘EYE point’, TAKEDAsystem vol.004, CAI Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

2003 ‘Nanako Kashimi – Image – ‘, J capybara CAFÉ, Ishikari, Japan



2011 ‘500m museum opening exhibition’, Sapporo Odori 500-m Undergound Walkway Gallery, Sapporo, Japan

2011 ‘sweets art of Orihime’, JR Tower PLANIS HALL, Sapporo, Japan

2011 ‘THE BEGINNING’, SAPPORO PARCO Shinkan 5F, Sapporo, Japan

2010 ‘Ana-ten’, Kitahiroshima City Arts Hall Gallery, Kitahiroshima, Japan

2009 ‘Essence of the Snow Country – Artists from Japan’s 40th Parallel’, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China

2008 ‘Stories of the storms’, with Hiroshi Takeda, YAGIYA, Sapporo, Japan

2008 ‘Sapporo Art Stage 2008’, concourse between Bus Center Mae Station and Odori Staion, Sapporo, Japan

2008 ‘PRA-Camp 2006 – Ishikari phenomenon’ Ishikari beach, Ishikari, Japan

2006 ‘Creators in the North Exhibition – Lovely’, Musuem of Contemporary Arts, Sapporo, Japan

2003 ‘a gallery – Closure > Relief’, Gallery café marble, Sapporo, Japan

2003 ‘guesthouse art’, Hakodate

2003 ‘Fuku Kita Kita Art Traffic’, modern art bank WALD, Fukuoka, Japan



2012 ‘ART KYOTO 2012’, Hotel Monterey Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan