KUO Yu-Ping

“ Father ”

There was a huge hole in the central part of my home, that was my birthmark, but I had to admit that the birthmark is represented from my father. I have thought from all angles to dig this abyss. Under the ground of my home, it was full of darkness and barren without any god, family, and history. There was only one water pipe but it has turned into a weird, inhaling and exhaling hole finally.

“ Brother ”

My younger brother is a career soldier. His spirits exhausted is thanks to the country. His physical wounds are thanks to the country. My reluctant thoughts seem to touch some essence of the country and the relationship between the country and the war. I took his army uniform jacket to repackage a baby stroller. The neatest child.

“ Mother ”

My mother was a peaceful and stifling land with one and one hole implicated that air attack. My mother said “ The hemp rope is yin, and the woolen is yang. You have to sit up straightly in the cycle of time tremendously humblingly. ” I understood her ideas. The latch needle hooked a piece of curling tempestuous color. Those disassembling things changed to be other things inseparable filled with the universe.

KUO Yu-Ping  CV



2010 M.F.A. Graduate Institute of Trans-disciplinary Arts,Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei

2008 B.F.A. in sculpture, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei


Solo Exhibition

2015 Sun Yat-San Freeway, Michael Ku Gellary, Taipei

2014 Delay and Pit, Haohaus Contemporary Art, Hsinchu

2013 Cement Love, Nan-hai Art Gallery, Taipei


Group Exhibition (Selected)

2016 Taipei Biennial, Taipei Fine Aarts Museum, Taipei

2016 who’s who – Impression, Audio Visual Pavilion, Seoul

2016 who’s who - Celebrities with no face, Waley Art, Taipei 

2016 MOCA Video Exhibition, Taipei

2015 Taipei Arts Award, Taipei Fine Aarts Museum, Taipei

2014 The Red Bloc, Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei

2013 Taipei Arts Award, Taipei Fine Aarts Museum, Taipei

2012 Open Studio, Taiwan Photo Museum Preparatory Office, Taipei

2012 Pineapple Queendom Party, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei

2011 Measuring temperature of City, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei

2010 Green Label (, or its Negative), Nan-hai Art Gallery, Taipei

2009 Punto Diablos, Open Contemporary Art Center, Taipei

2009 Mobile Man, Wolong 29, Taipei

2008 Perception-Standing on The Earth, Forty-Four South Village, Taipei

2008 From There to Here, Xian Guang Second Village, Taoyuan

2007 Biolistic Technology, 435 Art Zone, Taipei


Awards (Selected)

2015 Taipei Arts Award, Finalist

2013 Taipei Arts Award, Honorable Mention

2009 S-An Cultural Foundation Art Award, in Visual Arts