LEE Jo-Mei


In this exhibition, the artist uses the idea of landscape architecture and gardening to portray representations of nature. More than merely picturing the real and imaginary scenery evoked in the artist’s mind over time, it draws those beautiful surroundings of landscape then contracts into a package of memory. While longing to be projected to the ideal scenery it also suggests the deformed interior landscape of the mind. The implied distance between the original and its imaginary likewise invokes a reflection on artistic practices.


The concept the artist’s practice illustrates perception and its transformation throughout the daily experience so as to depict how we gaze on the texture of everyday life to explore the sense of memory’s own landscape. By using various methods and media to process memory through recording and transformation, it allows our accustomed experiences to be subjected to change or its original orders to be altered, thereby rebuilding the possibility of review. In this way, it presents the particular poetic lyric in the artworks. Recently the artist focuses on pure beauty and the natural scenery’s ability to provoke emotions such as passion and awe and tries to embrace this through her work. It also deals with the gaps and the intricate relationship between contemporary life and unmediated perception.




2013  Yi Shan Qing Yun, at tamtamArt TAIPEI IPIX, Taipei, Taiwan

2009  Ishigaki Jima, at Ping Pong Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan


2015  Considerate Creations, at Taipei Artists Village, Taipei, Taiwan

2015  I Don’t Belong, at Galleria H., Taipei, Taiwan

2014  One Has Said That..., at National Taiwan Arts Education Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2014  The Lost Garden, at Eslite Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2013  ThaiTai: Measure of Understanding, at URS21 Chung Shan Creative Hub, Taipei, Taiwan

2012  Keywords - Asynchronous Lifeworld, at Juming Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

2012  THAITAI FEVER - Stage one: We’re OPEN, at OCAC Bangkok, Thailand

2012  19991121 > 20130421 | PART ONE, at Open-Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2011  Une terrible Poetique, at Olivier Houg Galerie, Lyon, France

2010  Two Outstanding Tilapia, at UrbanCore Gallery, Taiwan, Taipei

2010  Thank You ART-Nezumiko Exhibition Vol., at Void +, Tokyo, Japan

2009  Topographie in vivo, at Galerie TALMART, Paris, France

2009  Andy & Angel, at Open-Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2008  If We…, at National Taiwan University of Art, Department of Art, Art Department, Taipei, Taiwan

2007  Looking Souvenir, at Café Noir, Taiwan, Taipei

2007  Wraped Message, at Nan-Hai Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2007  Paris- Taipei Aller/Retour, at National Taiwan University of Art, Department of Art, Art Department/ Taipei Art Village, Taipei, Taiwan


2015.09 Artspace, Sydney, Australia

2011.1 Villa Arson, Nice, France