LIAO Chao-Hao


These objects and natural objects are usually not our attention.But when we mention it, we have the impression.When you see the object will produce imagination and memory;We have long been accustomed to these things appear in life,they give the impression that the thin and fragile.To find the natural environment in the city ,Mostly from the artificial objects to be imagined and sustenance.Imagine yourself not here;The environment changed quickly,people in the natural environment to see the industrial products feel natural.It is difficult to separate them clearly.When faced with both the feeling is overlapping. 

How to explain the object can bring the audience experience.When you see the object will think about it in the state, material and body have contact with the memory.Re-building these things, they are not true.But provides the same experience to include both vision and body,so that the viewer recalled memory.Objects in the realistic rendering, material, constitute a narrative.I put my own association in the re-made objects.Perhaps the audience can read my feelings, but the important thing is their own.The face of these non-emotional copy of the object can evoke the memory of the environment and feel the link. 



The object functions or not is decided by the relationship between item itself, space and subject. Those chosen objects in the series are the stuff we usually see in our daily life but seldom interact with. Because of the functionality, the appearance of the object can let us speculate what happened to it. For example, when we see a curved crash barrier, we will image or guess if it had been hit by a car. But it is just a conjecture, after it happened, the only remnant was the material of the object. Moreover, we can say to face the remnants of “objects” for the audiences are usually more real than the true events took placed. I choose some daily-functional industrial objects which were broken and remained at the scene, especially on the roadside, and used alternative materials to simulate those stuff that I observed in that moment. When a viewer watching these works, they had no events to depend on because the object had been recreated and transformed, the only thing they will feel in the exhibition is the pure material and the space.


Retaining walls interfere with nature and claim the environment as in the developed state. Widely available man-made landscapes make people build their psychological security on the cement walls, allowing them to become accustomed to the walls while ignoring the potential risks involved. The sturdiness of cement allows it to be in conflict with the environment, and yet also showing its fragility and ineffectiveness when in direct contact with the environment. Using paper pulp to simulate the walls can provide the solid and firm texture of cement while showing the thinness, fragile and pliability of paper pulp, and it is no longer just a retaining wall. The seemingly solid thin walls are supported with wooden structures. The solid texture of the façade contrasts with the simple structure behind it and the emphasis on what is on the surface reflect the modern trend of focusing only on the appearance.

LIAO Chao-Hao CV



2013 Tainan National University of the Arts Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts

2011 Taipei National University of the Arts Fine Arts



2016 Badlands Taipei Artist Village- Treasure Hill, Taipei



2016 Street Fun,Fun Street, Taipei MOCA x Community Art Festival, Taipei

2016 Articial Series, Crane gallery, Kaohsiung

2016 Everyday Thomassons, Double Square gallery, Taipei

2016 Transformation:Contemporary Media and Manifestations, KMFA, Kaohsiung

2016 Transition of Times, KMFA, Kaohsiung

2015 Critical Point , Crane Gallery, Kaohsiung

2015 VT Show Show, VT art salon, Taipei

2015 Taipei Art District Festival- Sleepless Dwelling, ASIA Art Center, Taipei

2015 Gaze:Visual Art Exhibition for August 1st Gas Explosion incident, KMFA, Kaohsiung

2015 Electrical Fire, Inart space, Tainan

2014 Nylon Ribbon, Tainan 321 ART, Tainan

2014 Nin tender 2.0, Inart Space, Tainan

2013 Only Sculpture, Der-Horng Art Gallery, Tainan


2015 Kaohsiung Award, First Prize

2015 Taipei Arts Awards

2015 Taoyuan Creation Award  Judges' list award   

2014 Exhibition of the newly emerging artists in taiwan 3D creation series, ThirdPrize

2013 New Taipei City Art Exhibition Sculpture, Third Prize

2013 Taiwan International WoodSculpture Competition, Third Prize


Critical Point


Artificial Series