LIAO Zen-Ping

Trees, a billboard in the park, a bridge, flames in the ceremony, or the snow heaped up by children...

Since I moved to Japan, I have become more interested in the surroundings, with a greater motivation to paint the things I see. I first photographed these objects and scenes, and repetitively examined the images in my studio. Once I decided the subjects, I would carefully manage the composition. Like how monks copied the manuscripts, I started to work on my painting based on the references.

My life is quite ordinary, not with too many surprises. 

Nevertheless, while I wash the dishes after dinner, my mind is still occupied by all kinds of noises, thoughts, and worries. 

Sometimes, I cannot help but wonder whether I can find something in my daily encounter to respond to the confusion and worries. 

If the answer is positive, painting finds me a way to search for my faith.

Liao Zen-Ping 

August 2015, in Yokohama

LIAO Zen-Ping  CV



2010  Taipei National University of the Arts ( MFA ) 

Solo Exhibition (Selected)

2015  White Ribbon, Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2014  Kishine Park, Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2013  When the journey begins, it comes with the scenery, Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan 

2012  Unfamiliar Places, Ke-Yuan Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2011  The Interlude Scenery, Ke-Yuan Gallery , Taichung, Taiwan

2010  Between Absence and Presence, Shijie Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

2009  To Escape in City, Ke-Yuan Gallery , Taichung, Taiwan

2008  The River Front, Ke-Yuan Gallery , Taichung, Taiwan

Group Exhibition (Selected)

2016   BankART AIR OPEN STUDIO 2016, BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama, Japan 

2016  Shaking, Butchart International Contemporary Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan

2015  In Print We Trust- Artist Silk Screen Print Exhibition, VT Artsalon, Taipei, Taiwan 

2015  Tokyo Wonder Wall 2015, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan 

2015   North Yokohama Art Exhibition 2015, Civic Art Gallery Azamino, Yokohama, Japan 

2015   Double Solo Exhibition, Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2014   2014 ASYAAF, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, Korea 

2012   Zero Plan, Nanhai Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan 

2011  Contemporary, Hong-gah Museum, Taipei, Taiwan 

2010  ULTRA003: Emerging Directors Art Fair, Spiral Galleries, Tokyo, Japan

2009   435 International Artist Village 3rd Resident Artists’ Group Show, Banciao, Taiwan

2008  Second Vision, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

Awards (Selected)

2015  North Yokohama Art Exhibition (judges' award), Civic Art Gallery Azamino, Yokohama, Japan

2015  Tokyo Wonder Wall 2015 (Selected Award), Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan

2013  Art Bank Taiwan, Ministry of Culture, Taipei, Taiwan