LIN Chien-Chih

Sidewalk Refuse

In the process of art-making will always leave some residues, some are the rest of the materials, while others are disposable residues. The remaining materials are frequently left behind because reluctance to throw away, but afterwards, they generally have been maintained in a state of being dumped, and whenever we need to use the material, will always choose to buy a new one again. Also in the residue, I see some new possibilities, so I retained it. In this exhibition, I am not trying to do any productive operation, but to exhibit the three kinds of remaining materials which had been often used in the process of art-making before. Including the other two kinds of residues which was discarded by my friends. Each residue has different quantities depending on what I have collected or selected. I maintain them without doing any modification, nor giving any functionality, what I only do is to change the color for detaching them from the daily sense. In the exhibition, the residues are placed directly in the gallery space, some are hung on, and some are laid on the ground. Moreover, each material has a speaker, the sound of the producers describing the relationship between them and the material will have been broadcasting. The materials are including woods, styrofoam, motorcycle parts, resin and bonito flakes. They are just like any usual object on the sidewalk, cannot be taken for granted.


Izumo VS Shen Yuan

“Izumo VS Shen Yuan” is the general term for my art works in the recent years.

“Izumo” is the original place of the ancient Japanese myths and legends, and “Shen Yuan” is the passing through location to Tainan National University of the Arts. Therefore I fabricated a war there, and let myself be involved in it. Furnished with some heavy equipment, weapons and riding-horse, I’m invincible. The team seemed to be getting ready for battle, but showed no feeling. It may be the reason of the internal self and the external social environment fighting against each other in the inner world.

We are in the happy times of utilitarianism nowadays, and our hearts have already turned numb in the situation completely free of guards. So let us entirely become a machine! Keep producing objects as components without any emotions, words and function, and at last combine together to become fantastic battle partners. Using the empty-shell-like fictitious surface, we should try to respond to the powerful consumer society and the material culture in the real world.

LIN Chien-Chih  CV



2013  Graduate from Tainan National University of the Arts Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts

2008  Graduate from Taipei National University of the Arts School of Fine Arts



2015  I LOVE YOU NICE TO MEET YOU, Howl Space, Tainan

2012  Izumo VS Shen Yuan, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei

2011  Wander Maru, Artpark, Hsienchu



2015  Seeing from Wood-Tainan International Wood Art Exhibition, Tsung-Yeh Art and  Cultural Center, Tainan

2015  Wheel×Will, Crane Gallery, Kaohsiung

2014  The Great Scenery, Absolute Space for the Arts, Tainan

2013   LOVE LOVE:Animamix Biennale 2013-14, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung

2013   NEXT ART TAINAN, Tainan

2012  2012 New Perspective Art in Taiwan ~ 3D Creation Series selected

2011  When crocodile swallow the time, REC, Tainan

2011  Born! Boom!, CMP BLOCK, Taichung

2011  Damn it!The Wonder!, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei

2010  2010 New Perspective Art in Taiwan ~ 3D Creation Series selected

2009  Kaohsiung Award  selected



2016  Makurazaki International Art Award Exhibition  Mayor Award

2016  Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award  Selected

2011   New Taipei City of Art Exhibition Group of Sculpture No. 1

2009  Kaohsiung Award  selected



2015  Tsung-yeh Artist Village


Wheel x Will


Artificial Series