LU Chih-Yun

There are times when I am not sure that I really exist or that I have anything at all. Like bats use reflections of sound waves to navigate and hunt, I also analyze various reflections from the outside world. They help me understand who the real me is. Therefore, I must continue to ”emit sounds” and create.

Most of the times I choose an object, which has an identity. Mainly it is a life form we are familiar with or something we have contact with every day. I prefer sculpture as my main form of expression because it contains a sense of volume and weight. Once it is put in a certain place or position, it immediately takes up space and shows up the volume. For objects I choose, first I try to set roles, create circumstances, and later I implant symbolic and metaphoric symbols in them. That is the language I use to communicate with the outside world.

When you are constantly digging up emotion hidden deep down in your heart you always disturb memories and feelings. A major setback, an epiphany or just an emotional moment, regardless of how big or small, or how affective it is, as long as it can be felt, becomes my target and my aim is to record it.

Originally feeling is a very abstract entity, and therefore it is not easy to find a way to express it, as it is not easy to translate an article into a foreign language – it require lots of thinking and rethinking. There is a possibility of finding the most appropriate words or using various medias to express your feelings, but there is always a chance of making a mistake. On the other hand, these mistakes are pleasing since they help me to connect to the outside world, and it gives me a sense of security.

If it is possible to mark the direction of time in this world, it is also possible for my works to take a position in it. There is a point in a timeline marking a fact or an event that has already occurred, but there might be no prove or evidence of any kind of its happening. Although it is impossible to prove whether it really existed or not, I still try to make people to feel the effect of distortion.

I question if I express myself in a way that gives a feeling of distortion, in turn, am I able to use this distortion to prove my own existence? The use of “you” in the title can be seen as a particular object, but it can also be seen as everyone else except me, anyone or generalized “you”.

The only thing that I want to say is,

“I was here. Please mark the distance between you and me.”

LU Chih-Yun CV




2011  M.F.A. Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

2007  Bachelor, Department of Sculpture, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan



Solo Exhibition

2014 behind the word mountains, Freedom Art Apartment, Taichung

2014 色を失った僕ら, THE BASEMENT , Tokyo

2013 a.t.o, grill Inc. & gallery , Tokyo

2012 The existence of truth, Aki gallery, Taipei
2010 Phase Transition of the Story, Project Fulfill Art Space, Taipei
2009 Over the rainbow, PING PONG, Taipei


Group Exhibition (Selected)

2014  Apple Core Contemporary Art Exhibition, Liang Gallery ,Taipei

2014  Drawing03 ¬preference, Shibuya Gallery, Tokyo

2014  CAF #1, TABLOID GALLERY, Tokyo

2012  Drawing02 -hyphenation-, Shibuya Gallery, Tokyo

2012  Kaohsiung International Steel & Iron Sculpture Festival, The Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung

2010  Tokyo Story, Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama , Tokyo
2010  GEISAI#14, Tokyo
2010  post-adolescence, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taichung
2009  GEISAI TAIWAN, ,Taipei

2009  ART TAIPEI 2009,  Taipei world Trade Center, Taipei
2009  YOUNG ART TAIPEI, Sunworld Dynasty, Taipei
2009  College Festival, Underground Museum in NTUA , Taipei
2009    Dream in a contemporary Secret Garden, Taipei Cultural Center in NYC
2009    EASY PLASTIC, Kdmofa museum , Taipei
2008    ASYAAF,Seoul ,Korean 


Awards (Selected)

2010  GEISAI TAIWAN#1/2009/ Yoshitomo Nara Personal Award

2008  New Perspective Art in Taiwan 3D Creation Serious/2008/ first prize


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