LIU Yao-Chung

Every time when we’re trying to say something, or to make some statements about certain subjects, we sometimes begin with “Briefly speaking…” It means when facing an object or an event, instinctively we turned our awareness and feelings into language. Just like “In god, we trust.” In this case, the language is the god and words are His angles. Thus we translated every day, from feelings to words, from words to ideas, and so on and so on. It became the beginning of literature broadly.

Making art work is just like writing some kinds of diary or essay to me, sometimes I just make a quick sketch of it, and sometimes use basic writing skills, such as analogies, metaphor, antithesis and etc. In this way, I considered my works as a journal about finding the best and simple combination between objects and concepts; the connection to me is like illustrations and notes in books, or subtitles in movies... All contents were based on my daily life, from people I met, books I read, movies, TVs and websites I saw. The information became a part of my data base. Making art here helps me to organize dates into different categories; and even more to create a new path, a new link to connect one category to another.

Briefly speaking, my art is dealing all the knowledges and informations in my mind with intuition, and see the world in a humor way. Like playing a game with different forms.

LIU Yao-Chung CV


2009  TUNGHAI UNIVERSITY Department of Fine Art, MFA

2006  FENGCHIA UNIVERSITY Department of Information Engineering, BACHELOR


2014  My mind is filled up with emptiness, SS520 Gallery, Taichung

2014  SUBTEXT, Sonnentor Café, Taipei

2014  Cologne Cathedral, Lei Gallery, Taichung

2013  Long Story Short, Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo

2013  After Listening Tons of Brit-Pop, Freedom Art Apartment, Taichung

2013  99% SURE, Z space, Taichung

2012  /inside/, Black Blank Gallery, Taichung

2009  As wandering along the pavement in the afternoon breeze, TUNGHAI No.43, Taichung

2008  Didn't expect, even in dreams-Yi-Lin Lu, Yao-Chung Liu Double Solo Exhibitions, Whotogether, Taichung

2006  The State of Being, FengChia University, Taichung


2015  Decameron, Yiri Art, Taichung

2015  The theater of the absurd, Yiri Art, Kaohsiung

2015  Find a place to feel the SUNSHINE, Yiri Art, Taichung

2014  The Spine of Spectrum, KdMoFA, Taipei

2014  Free Art Fair, Huashan1914 Creative Park, Taipei

2014  Cacao Exhibition, very fun park 2014, Taipei

2014  Summer Art Festival, Parklane, Taichung

2014  TUNG-HAI AS AN ADJECTIVE, THU Art Center, Taichung

2013  Summer Art Festival, Parklane, Taichung

2013  Young Artist Taipei, Sheraton Taipei Hotel, Taipei

2013  Tainan Art Expo, Tayih Landis Hotel, Tainan

2012  Back Yart, Stock Art Expo, Stock 20, Taichung

2012  On Air, Stock 20, Taichung

2012  Ones in Another Place, Koganecho Bazaar, Yokohama Japan

2012  A Gathering, TADA, Taichung

2012  FUTURE X FUTURE, Stock 20-24B, Taichung

2012  2012 Young Artist Taipei, Sheraton Taipei Hotel, Taipei

2012  Immigrate, Stock 20, Taichung

2011  Make a Forest, Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei

2011  A Pace, Stock 20, Taichung

2011  Taipei Extra-Ordinary, URS27, Taipei

2011  BlackblanknalbkcalB, Black Blank Gallery, Taichung

2011  Emergency Survival Kit, Pingtung Art Gallery, Pingtung

2011  In / Side / Out, Stock 20, Taichung

2011  Welcome Party, Stock 20, Taichung

2010  Image generation’s impulse to draw/paint–a glimpse of the academic phenomenon, Stock 20, Taichung

2009  Hearts, A7958 Gallery, Taichung

2008  26th THU Student Art Exhibition, ,Tatun Cultural Center, Taichung

2008  Those Cows don't Leave, TungHai No.43, Taichung

2008  Slightly, Post Garden, Chuanghua

2008  Native Species of TunGhai, TungHai No.43, Taichung


2014  Free Art Fair Awards

2013  5th Young Artist Taipei Award, Nominated

2008  26th THU Student Art Exhibition Western Painting, First Award


2013  1st Art Center Ongoing Residence Artist

2013  1st CreativeLAB Residence Artist

2012  12th Stock 20 Residence Artist

2011  11th Stock 20 Residence Artist

2006 《Faces with Flowers》Collected by FengChia Art Center