The disappeared civilizations which people searched exist in illusive but real way. Discovery is a twisted, fragmental, and composed imagination. According to "Troana Codex", the highly civilized Atlantis-son of Poseidon had changed in one day around 12thousand years ago. Tsunami and Eruption caused by a serious earthquake, in a flash, the Atlantis Island sank in ocean. Until now, the myth of "lost mother-land" spread in those countries and islands. Will the fragments rise from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The over development, greed, corruption and the environmental collapse lead to the disaster of Atlantis. The present development of technology pushes us onto another path of disaster. Will it change?

This project try to rebuild a Poetic island as a imagine of ECO protection.




National Kaohsiung Normal University, Graduate Institute of Interdisciplinary Art


National Ping Tung University Science and Technology Research Assistant



Executive Director of A-Mi Artists Community


Executive Director of Taiwan World Pressed Flower Association


Senator of Pingtung Common Art Committee



Natural · Travel Flower - Tseng Wan-Ting Solo Exhibitions, Sizihwan Sunset Beach Resort.


Natural · Stare Tseng Wan-Ting Solo Exhibitions, National Kaohsiung University of Aplied Sciences.


Cherish, White Cottage Gallery,Chiautou


Tseng Wan-Ting Solo Exhibitions, City Affairs Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government, Kaohsiung 

Amorous Flowers, Bureau of Social Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government Woman’s Center, Kaohsiung


Lingering in the Flowers, Cai-Hui Life Flowers Creative Workshop, Ping Tung

Tseng Wan-Ting Solo Exhibitions –Gausu Green Power House, Ping Tung


Vegetation Portrayal, Ping Tung Cultural Affairs Bureau Gallery, Ping Tung

Listening to the Flowers, Kadoorie Farm Botanic Garden, Hong Kong



Artist training methods - National Kaohsiung Normal University, Kaohsiung


Pressed flower style - Taiwan, Japan, Korea Group Exhibitions, National Dr,Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall-Taipei


New Taiwan Mural Team Taiwan Move Creation ‘Nantou Protect’-Puli paper Dome- Tao-Mi Eco-Village

New Taiwan Mural Team ‘2012Expo’- The Pier-2 Art Center-Kaohsiung

New Taiwan Mural Team ‘Taiwan Report Back-2012 Taiwan Museum 2Year’ Exhibitions - National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art’s

‘The Beautiful Sunshine of Shadow’ Ping Tung Woman Artist Group Exhibitions, Cultural Affirs Depatment Of Ping Tung county.


Earth=Their own~EatherEco and Their own Unity –“Bottle Within the Landscape”-WAA- Taipei

Environmental Protection Bureau Kaohsiung City Government 99Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Artistic Creation ~”Organic Garden”-Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza、Dream-Mall、National Science and Technology Museum.

New Taiwan Mural Team Taiwan Move Creation'Yunlin Huweiliao Project'- Yunlin Huweiliao

New Taiwan Mural Team Taiwan Move Creation 'Taitung Project' -Donghe the old Brdge


‘Disappearing Eden’~ Functionality of the Arts Listings – National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute

Council for Cultural Affairs ‘Intervention of Art Spaces’, Artist of the Kaohsiung Art Planting Project


Tree Valley Park Public Art 2 ‘Flower Love’, Tree Valley Science Park, Taiwan

‘Mechanical Art in Component Street’, ‘Visual Decipher System’, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung


‘A Flower’, Group Exhibitions, ‘Scent’, Art Site of Chiai Railway Warehouse, Chiai ‘Autumn Cool’ Tree Valley Park Public Art, Street Furniture Creative Workshop, Tree Valley Science Park, Taiwan


‘Bomb Shelter Visual Art Exhibition’, ‘Take Us to See the Story’, Kio-A-Thau Artist Village

‘East West South North’ A-Mi Artists Group Exhibition, ‘Thruster’ –Kao-Yuan Art and Culture Center, Kaohsiung

Council for Cultural Affairs Public Space Art Renewal Project-Sparrow Loves Phoenix Chiautou “Nine and 3/4 Forest” –‘Sparrow Nest’ –Kio-A-Thau Artist Village

‘Bon Voyage Artwork’ Taiwan Woman’s Art Association Group Exhibition

‘Voyage˙Game’ –Nanhai Gallery, Taipei


‘A String of Rice Sugar’ Kio-A-Thau Artist Village and A-Mi Artists Group Exhibition- Kio-A-Thau Artist Village, Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung International Container Arts Festival-“Game Box” – Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts Lawn, Kaohsiung.


High Spatial Installation Exhibition-Tree House Art Space, Ping Tung


Ping Tung Peninsula Arts Festival Artist-in-Residence, Kenting

Kaohsiung International Container Arts Festival-Being Beautiful, Kaohsiung