WU Chien-Hsing

In my artworks, I always start at the object peculiarity of the everyday life to go into a part of my personal observation, induce an expansion from personal experience and to open the perceptual atmosphere. For me, life, memory, objects and the whole thing is like a circular relationship, I always think about how to use the qualities of media painstakingly, to convey or to describe the characteristics of the cycle, just like how to say the cycle of image, space and even the circulation of objects and to discuss the possibility of re-use. Finally, issues of my creation are coming to how to display, or even enter in the integrated system of a relationship, to say something about sustainable development or circulative state.



Concentric Circles - Moving House 2015 Installation

I have started to use everyday objects in my artworks since 2011. I kept seeking inspiration from commodities in daily life. By bringing in life experiences and imagination, I made installations by abandoning the originally practical functions of objects.

The idea of this artwork came from an incident. Upon cutting myself when I cooked, I saw my inner self mirrored in the blood and realized the reality of life I’m confronting. People are always in pursuit of better material life under social disciplines in a competitive society. To me, there is just a thin line between a beautiful life and a non-beautiful life. In the artwork, I deploy a concept of resembling toys inspired by childhood memory. I try to transform experiences of various life modes and in life stages into creating. The artwork changes based on time, space, and living experiences. The repetitious objects in the artwork represent daily routines, which no human can avoid in the reality. The dangerous quality of the objects reveals the artist’s self-mocking.

To structure my artwork, just as the conception of the establishment of a "home", reflecting my imagination on the home. However, in the face of uncertain life and move house constantly. The seemingly solid structure, it might collapse through continuous shaking at any time.

WU Chien-Hsing CV

1987 Born in Nantou , Taiwan


Fine Arts Department of Chinese Culture University

Taipei National University of the Arts


2013  Illusion Bangkok, Thailand

2012  Parallel Crossing. Taipei, Taiwan


2015  The 2nd CAFAM Future Exhibition ,Beijing, China

2014  The Infinite Imaginary Space ,Hsinchu, Taiwan

2014  Art Taipei 2014, Young Artist Discovery, Taipei, Taiwan

2014  CHANGING IDENTITY, Warsaw, Poland

2014  HIHEY ART T3, Beijing, China

2013  ThaiTai- A Measure of Understanding ,Taipei, Taiwan

2013  The 11th Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award ,Taoyuan, Taiwan


2012  “THAITAI FEVER - STAGE ONE: We‘re OPEN”, Bangkok, Thailand

2012  “Busan Flower village International Nature Arts Festival”, Pusan,Korea

2012  “19991121>20130421 Part One” Open-Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2010  “Biennialscope Project,”Taipei Biennial, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan


Wheel x Will