I intend to show a sensation of visual and acoustic extension in this work. It comprises hexagonal wooden boxes sound installation that expands like a composition of puzzle in the space. Participants need to use their hands or body to touch the jigsaw painted on the wooden boxes and find the pathway of sound in order to discover the continuous sound track. Hence, this work combines the movement of body with sound and creates an unseen wandering gesture of body via the performance of sound in the gallery space



Sept 1995 - June 1999    

Graduate Department of Sculpture, National Taiwan College of the Arts   B.F.A

Sept 1999 - June 2004    

Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts , Tainan National College of the Arts     M.F.A


Solo   Exhibition (Seleated)

2011  「Transience」Kalos Gallery,Taipei, Taiwan

2008  「Imitative Existence」Taiwan New Arts Union,Tainan

2008  「Resonance」Galerie Grand Siecle,Taipei, Taiwan

2007  「FUN TOUCH」 Tainan National University of The Arts, South Gallery

2007  「Sound Raiser」 National Hsinchu University of Education, NHCTC Artist Space

2006  「Connect by Traces of Electricity」 , Taipei  Museum of Contemporary Art Group  Exhibition (Seleated)

2013  「2013 The Delight of Chinese Character Festival -The Evolution of Characters」,The pier-2 Center,Kaohsiung,Taiwan

2013  「Format Daily」,Liang Gallery ,Taipei ,Taiwan

2012  「Transjourney - 2012 Future Media Festival」, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts,Taipei,Taiwan

2012  「Find Green Light」New Media Art,Park Lane by Splendor.Taichung,Taiwan

2012  「Mobile Forest」New Media Art, Digital Art Centre, Taipe, Taiwan

2012  「Tremble .Movement .Perception」Yhe New Horizon of Taiwan New Media Art, K11 Art Space ,Hong Kong

2011  「Art Renaissance in Tamsui」,Tamsui Art Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan 

2010  「Beyond the Mirage Taiwan New Media Art」,Hong-Gah Museum,Taipei,Taiwan

2010  「Post adolescence」, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung,Taiwan

2009  「 Observatori 2009, X International Festival of Artistic Investigation」, Valencia,Spain

2009  「SCOPE MiamiInternational Contemporary Art ~Beyond the Mirage Taiwan 

2009  「New Media Art」,Miami, U.S.A.

2008  「08’CONTEMPORARY ART Lives HERE 」Charlotte,U.S.A.

2008  「Harinony in Diversity~Compatibility of 19 Cross-Strait Art Spirits」ASIA ART CENTER, Taipei

2008  「Sensory Topology:Bodily Perception of Taiwan Contemporary Art」Gwangju Museum of art,Korea

2008  「 New Faces-all Together in Digital Art」Digital Art Ceniep. Taipei,Taiwan

2007  「From Here to There」, VT Artsalon , Taipei 

2007  「2007 Very Fun Park II」, Eslite Bookstore , Taipei

2007  「Fun」, Waterland Kwanyin #112 (performance), Beijing

2006  「Humanfusion」,GASWORKS,London


PRIZES (Seleated)

2009  Young painting works classical-collection ,Works Reservation   

          Council for Cultural Affairs ,Taiwan

2007  Young painting works classical-collection ,Works Reservation         

          Council for Cultural Affairs ,Taiwan

2007  S-AN Art Creativity Sponsored Reward                             

          S-AN Cultural Foundation

2006  1st digital Art Award                                              

          Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs

2005  Taipei Arts Award , Grand prize                                    

          Taipei Fine Arts Museum



Gasworks Residency, London, Britain                                 2006.1-2006.4

CAMAC Residency, Paris, France                                       2006.8-2006.10

McColl Center Residency, North Carolina, U.S.A                2008.1-2008.3

Point B Residency, New York, U.S.A.                                  2008.4-2008.6


Critical Point