Lee Jiun-Shyan


As far as I can tell , this ”Taiwan awards ”is really born with me. For instance , when the weather is hot and humid , I would rather cat sweat-inducing betel nuts than originates from my physiological instincts. “Being Taiwanese”is the product of my experiences and thinking over the course of many years. Because”being Taiwanese”is special , rich , vital , I identify with it. As an artist , I can take “beubg Taiwanese”as a subject and crate or derive many works and actions. My sensory experiences , reading , thinking , and cognition over the past twenty years have have naturally shaped a very “Taiwan”me , and I have a very special “Taiwanese”flavor. This is like what a junior college student said when he saw my exhibition in 1998 :Teacher , are you the Dubai of the art world?”Of course I am honored to be compared with a rock star famous for his Taiwan-dialect renditions , and the fact the student associated me with Dubai gives me a lot of encouragement.


“Being Taiwanese”should be standing firmly on Taiwan’s soil , appreciating everything in Taiwan , and then being ready to face the future. Taiwa’s natural phenomena such as the sun , typhoons , northwestern rains , Taiwan Strait , landslides , and Mad Dog Tides ; the Man , paiwan tribe , Siraya tribe , Dutch , Chinese , Japanese , and Americans ; and the things that these people left in Taiwan-all of these thing-survive because of Taiwan This must be acknowledges , and cannot be exaggerated or belittled because of politics But those who intend to “be Taiwanese”must still face the future , and must continuously create if they want to preserve their vitality , greet the future , and win applause.


I am 52 years of age , and my “Taiwan” psyche is now entirely natural and self-aware. We may call it “conceiving one’s fate. While reaffirming my “Taiwan” consciousness at this stage in life , I can say that it comes directly from my innermost and that I feel no regrets whatsoever.

Lee Jiun-shyan  CV


Education / Project

1979 Bachelor , Department of Fine Arts , Taiwan Normal University

1988 Master , Fine Arts , City University of New York


Solo Exhibition (Selected)

1984 A Journey of Mystery , Nan Gallery Taipei

1985 A Journey of Mystery 2 , Talee’s Department Store , Kaohsiung

1990 Historical Cruise , Chuan Men Gallery , Kaohsiung

1993 History & Process , New Phase Art Space , Taiwan ; Pierre Gallery , Taichung

1995 History &Process 2 - Dragon Art Museum , Kaohsiung

1997 Taiwan 1997–S.P.P.Space , Kaohsiung

1998 From Zhou-chu to Jia-ba , Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts , “Creation Forum” Art 

Center , Providence University

2004 Lee Jiunshyan 888 , Pierre Gallery ; S.P.P.Space, Kaohsiung ; Taiwan New Art Space

2008 Hue and No Hue , Sincewell Gallery , Kaohsiung

2010 Jiunshyan - Taitung – Palafan , County Moonlight Inn , Taitung

2010 Jiunshyan - Taipei – Palafan , Chamber Gallery , Taipei

2011 Jiunshyan - Tainan - Palafan , nart Space , Tainan

2013 Southern 3-Musketeer(1) Lee Jing-sheng’s 2013 Solo Exhibition -Nan Gallery , Taipei

2013 Colorful [10]-888-Praise/Raw painting-tropical acting , 5-year-record Creations by 

2013 Jiun Shyan Lee – Lotus Art Gallery , Kaohsiung

2016 harbor city artist , Sincewell Gallery , Kaohsiung

2017 Islands / Quest of ocean from a harbor city artist , VT Artsalon , Taipei


Group Exhibition (Selected)

Many times joint exhibited at Art Museum in Taipei , Taichung and Kaohsiung , National Museum ofHistory , Cultural Centers , Galleries, unused spaces , and several times joint exhibited all over the world in Paris , Beijing, New York , Ishinomaki of Japan , Venice and Shanghai and in recent years also joined the local artistic festivals several times.



1991 Artistic Creation and Drawing,”-Chuan Men Gallery , Kaohsiung

1991 Taiwan Rooster Campaign”-Chuan Men Gallery , Kaohsiung

1993 Flowers Arrangement Exhibitio , CKS Cultural Center , Kaohsiung

1996 1996 Taipei Biennial – Visual Dialoge , Fine Arts Museum , Taipei

1997 Sunshine Gallery , -Kaohsiung Rainbow Park

1996 $500 Taiwan Aesthetics , -S.P.P.Space , Kaohsiung

2000 Land’s Dialogue 2 , –HuaShan Arts District , Taipei

2001 Land’s Dialogue , –Jue-tien, Pingtung

2002 Kaohsiung Arts after the Lifting of Martial law-Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

2003 Labor Takao (Kaohsiung) , traveling exhibition , Taiwan

2003 Pink Belt-4 Arts Spaces , Kaohsiung

2003 2003 Kaohsiung Container Arts Festival–Star of Sea (pier area) , Kaohsiung

2012 Mountains Wind and Waves–Contemporary Artist Expression System in Austronesian 2012 Taiwanese Artists-2012 Taipei Art Fair


Works: Collections 

Were collected by Art Museum in Taipei , National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts , Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts , Shan Museum , Art Center , Providence University and private collectors.