Explore the mysterious creatures always fascinated me, I am always wondering what kind of life would that be if they exist in the human world. Would that be the same as busy as ours? Would they have similar customs and civilized world? As For me, the mysterious creature more water-related cause my curiosity, sometimes I looked at the river and the sea that close to home, imagining any of their emergence. Maybe just in a blink of an eye to see their tail fin throw water or breathing probe. And I started thinking about the elements associated with the creation of such mysterious creatures and me, perhaps I hope that can at a different angle to re-recognize myself through these images. The ocean has quite a bit of imagination, and it is quite mysterious for me, just like another universe. Among the creatures on the ground can see completely a different dimension. I started with the elements I'm interested in to find out their significance and influence on me, such as fish imagery, scales and mollusks’ texture, sea legends things and so on.

I used Atlantis Research extends imagination through creative costume imagined Atlantis combining prosthetics make-up to make the interpretation of the concept of race on the image, showing the race deformation under the influence of the marine environment, and to explore skin texture implement contemporary design extends to clothing techniques. Also by the action that makes the creatures come to life to




Industrial Design, National United University


Graduate Institute of Interdisciplinary Art, National Kaohsiung Normal University

<p class="fl W400 biotexttitle">Current positions</p> <div class="fl W070 biotext">-</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">Executive Director of A-Mi Artists Community</div> <div class="fl W070 biotext">-</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">Executive Director of Taiwan World Pressed Flower Association</div> <div class="fl W070 biotext">-</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">Senator of Pingtung Common Art Committee</div> <p class="fl W400 biotexttitle">Solo Exhibitions</p> <div class="fl W070 biotext">2013</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">Natural · Travel Flower - Tseng Wan-Ting Solo Exhibitions, Sizihwan Sunset Beach Resort. </div> <div class="fl W070 biotext">2012</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">Natural · Stare Tseng Wan-Ting Solo Exhibitions, National Kaohsiung University of Aplied Sciences.</div> <div class="fl W070 biotext">2009</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">Cherish, White Cottage Gallery,Chiautou</div> <div class="fl W070 biotext">2007</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">Tseng Wan-Ting Solo Exhibitions, City Affairs Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government, Kaohsiung <br /> Amorous Flowers, Bureau of Social Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government Woman’s Center, Kaohsiung</div> <div class="fl W070 biotext">2006</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">Lingering in the Flowers, Cai-Hui Life Flowers Creative Workshop, Ping Tung<br />Tseng Wan-Ting Solo Exhibitions –Gausu Green Power House, Ping Tung</div> <div class="fl W070 biotext">2005</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">Vegetation Portrayal, Ping Tung Cultural Affairs Bureau Gallery, Ping Tung<br />Listening to the Flowers, Kadoorie Farm Botanic Garden, Hong Kong</div>


<div class="fl W070 biotext">2014</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">Artist training methods - National Kaohsiung Normal University, Kaohsiung</div> <div class="fl W070 biotext">2013</div><div class="fl W300 biotext">Pressed flower style - Taiwan, Japan, Korea Group Exhibitions, National Dr,Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall-Taipei</div>


To be continued, NKNU, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

An Inconvenient Truth: New Environmental Art in Cijin, Cijin Shell Museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan