CHANG Huei-Ming


When one’s beloved dog passes away, one can collect its hair and extract carbon and then will retrieve an artificial diamond that contains same chemical element with genuine diamond after a 16 to 20 weeks process of high temperature and pressure. This procedure transforms ordinary hair into diamond with the symbol of eternal and makes it long lasting in the world. Transformation of material is normal in the natural world, and diamond could become hair. Yet the required time for the alteration is repressed thousand times by the drive of human desire. What does one actually gain or lose while achieve the ability of Midas? I am often inspired by scientific research as a route of discovering the essence of life, in which it stays so close even acting in an extremely rational and stern manner. 

This exhibition continues my concern with ethos of time and objects and evolves imagination in more diverse directions. The images become an allegory because of the signified messages and are deconstructed and reformed into different expression in between science, philosophy and aesthetics.

The single channel video <Stone>, <Sparrow> and <Apple Tree> presents a slow transformation of a number of objects with identical shapes but different material. During the process, the changes may be missed, even if viewers stare at the image, and the images procreate a commotion hidden in serenity as if a witness to magical illusion, and furthermore, the representation of stone, soil and precious metal obscurely projects the desire of nature and human which are two sides of the same coin to some extends.

The eight single channel video and photographs of the <Substance> series show a person holding various objects including charcoal, wood, ice cube and hair. Despite the objects are different entities, the artificial illumination flows and creates a sense of time distinguished from reality. When material return to the state of gaze and imagination, there will be clashes and conversation in the difference between nature and manufacture. 


Visual Lure

We make memories or experiences all our life. It is a cycling process, in which similar situations repeat and evolve themselves over and over again. Nevertheless, the results turn out to be different every time. Therefore, imagination has become our resort to move and stride forward. Through imagination, time, life, death, and memories all become poetic sceneries without boundaries.

The main subject of my work is the investigation and experimentation of the relationship between mirrors, images, bodies, space and speed. Installing the high-speed motor on the objects is to revive the ignorant visual ability. Also the vibration and blur images caused by the high–speed motor urge me to think about how to represent the duration and speed, the two characteristics of moving images. Different from the category of Kinetic Art in early days, the vibration I create is not trying to represent tempos, rhythms or movements. It is simplified to be the status of losing focus and also brings the extraordinary experience of time and speed. This kind of experience just from an ordinary objects provide viewers more illusion.

CHANG Huei-Ming CV

1984 Born in Taichung, now lives and works in Taipei


2013  Violent and Poetic, a.m space, Hong Kong.

2012  ∞ - CHANG Huei-Ming solo exhibition, IT Park, Taipei.

2010  MimiLucy - Never Give Up - The New World, VT ARTSALON, Taipei.

2010  The Last Rose, Tech-Art Gallery, Taipei.

2010  MimiLucy - Never Give Up, NoEnd Art Center, Taipei.

2005  Nan Bei Gallery, Department of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei.


2013  Asia Cruise, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan.

2012  Tremble. Movement. Perception : The New Horizon of Taiwan New Media Art Exhibition, K11, Hong Kong.

2012  Extended Sense, Alternative Space Loop, Seoul, Korea.

2012  Manifestation of Homunculi, Kuandu Museum of Fine Art, Taipei.

2012  ROC National Art Exhibition, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung.

2012  “  Stand-In Techniques II”- New Taiwanese Video Style, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

2012  Visual Vertigo - New Works by Six Taiwanese Media Artists, Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei.

2011  Absolute Motion, Digital Art Center, Taipei.

2011  The 11th Pingyao International Photography Festival - Rediscover Photography, Pingyao, China.

2011  Very Fun Park, Trip, Taipei.

2010  The 5th Digital Art Festival Taipei 2010, Bopiliao Historic Block, Taipei.

2010  The 7th Busan International Video Festival, Media Center, Busan, South Korea.


2013  Project Grants. The National culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan.

2012  ROC National Art Exhibition, New Media Art, Silver Medal Award.

2011  The 15th Japan Media Arts Festival, Jury Selection works.

2010  The 5th Taipei Digital Art Prize, Digital Audio-Visual, First Prize.

2010  Taipei Arts Awards, First Place, Taipei Fine Arts Museum.


CHANG Huei-Ming


Visual Lure