CHAO Lu-Chia

People are unsettled and dismayed due to the overwhelming uncertainty in this world. All the joy and happiness seem like they could just disappear at any time. We are good at forgetting the joy; but we are bad at forgetting the pain.


Maybe this is just our survival instinct to keep ourselves constantly vigilant. The creation of every artwork comes from experiences in life. We like to explore the kind of beauty that does not exist in reality, because it gives hints of sadness and darkness. Sometimes, I believe we are attracted to surreal images, or even subconsciously pursue such beauty. In creating these works that portray both beauty and dismay in different levels, I seek to balance my inner self. These works of art are honest forms of events... whether they belong to this world or not.

CHAO Lu-Chia  CV



1977               Born in Kaohsiung,Taiwan 

2004-2012    Teaching Assistant of Fine Art Department,Tainan University of Technology

1999               Graduated from Department of Art,Tainan University of Technology

                         Studied MFA at  Taipei National University of the Arts 



2014    May Asia Contemporary Art Show,Mu Mu+Ke-Yuan Gallery, Hong Kong 

2007    Taiwan Art Transfiguration:Graphic creation series,Taichung County Seaport Art Center

2013    Asia Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

2013    Chiu Dou/Chao lu-chia‧Joint exhibition, Ke-Yuan Gallery,Taichung

2011    Dragons in the Lions Den,joint exhibition, Forman's Smokehouse Gallery,Londen, United kingdom


2012    So,we take what we needed only,Ke-Yuan Gallery,Taichung

2012    So,we take what we needed only,ButchArt International Contemporary Art,Taipei

2011    Stagnation and Rebirth,solo exhibition,Ke-    Yuan Gallery,Taichung

2010    Young Art Taipei Contemporary Art Exhibition,Sunworld Dynasty,Taipei

2010    Wonder series,solo exhibition,Ke-Yuan Gallery,Taichung

2010    Life is good ,joint exhibition,shijie Gallery,Taichung

2009    Local Scenery;Youth on the Ridge;Rising star of art(2000-2009) Ke-Yuan Gallery,Taichung

2009    A Chink,solo exhibition,Ke-Yuan Gallery,Taichung

2009    Anatomy Class:the performance Body,Joint exhibition,Hong’s Foundation for Education & Culture,Taipei

2009    Object Series,solo exhibition,Sing Art Gallery,Tainan

2008    Storing the Lost,solo exhibition,Ke-Yuan Gallery,Taichung

2007    Brain Function,solo exhibition,Ke-Yuan Gallery,Taichung

2006    This Mundane  Happiness,solo exhibition,Ke-Yuan Gallery,Taichung

2005    Amygdala,stitched on ruffles,Ke-Yuan Gallery,Taichung

2004    Leaves of Grass Association,Ke-Yuan Gallery,Taichung

2003    Youth on the ridge:Rising star of art,Ke-Yuan Gallery,Taichung

2001    Taiwan Contemporary Sketch Exhibion,Eslite Gallery,Taipei