Parallel Lines Series II: The Starting and Ending Point 

The first of the “Parallel Lines” series is a 12-page comic piece I did in March 2015. It depicts the train track lying die-in protest brought out by workers of factories shut down in Taiwan. Through illustrating the protest, I explored why the urban people lost their compassion, forgot the fact that they and the protesters are all human beings, and how did this cause estrangement and indifference. 

The second of the series, which I published this time, extends the same idea in the context of my past mural arts: the relationship of work and life. The background changed to the industrial city Kaohsiung. 

Months ago, a friend of mine introduced me a documentary: The Lost Youth: Women and Industrial Work in Taiwan, made by director Wan-Ching Ke. The story focuses on the vast number of female workers in Qianzhen Export Processing Zone, at the starting point of Taiwan Economic Miracle, 1966. In the film, the “Kaochung No. 6 Sink” accident caught my attention. On September 3, 1973, an overloaded ferry sailing to the export processing zone capsized, and led to the death of 25 young female workers. The Memorial Park for Women Laborers in Qijin now used to be the ladies’ final resting place. At the time when salaries were low and work hours were long, it was common to work overtime and never take a day off, in order to get the bonus. Thus, the ferry was often overloaded in rush hours, until this tragedy happened. 

Till now, in Eastern Asia, working hour remains long. In Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and so on, labor issues and the value of labor are always worth observing and discussing. History is unchangeable. I start the composition with this historical event, and through my murals, I reinterpret this slice of history, to ponder on the relationship of work and life.

Candy Bird CV





2012 Graffiti Move, Ecole Cafe, Taipei



2014  POW!WOW! TAIWAN, Art Festival, Taipei

2014  Apple Core, Liang gallery, Taipei

2013  Asia Art Biennial, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung

2013  Art Taipei, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei

2013  I Want More, Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei,

2012  Design Festa, Tokyo, Japan

2010  Forum Biennial of Taiwanese Contemporary Art, Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei


2014  Mural arts for OK Hip---Hop Festival, Shenzhen, China

2013  Mural arts for Pangea Seed Sea Wall Murals For Oceans, Taipei

2013  Graffiti arts for Mega Port Festival, Kaohsiung

2012  Graphics and graffiti arts for Urban Nomad Film Fest, Taipei

2012  Artist for “The Esperanza” for Greenpeace, Kaohsiung