Scavenger woman A – Unemployed teacher, video, 2014

Scavenger man A – Underground musician, video, 2014

Some people search opportunities all their life and they work hard. Yet the funny part is that hard working and talent may still in vain from time to time. Through the time flow and political transformation, some people suddenly awaked after several frustrations and ask themselves what is that they are tracing for? When one’s active life becomes passive, and a person’s power to influence the country is limited, can people only choose to give up?




Scavenger series 1 – the advice from a maid, novel, 2014

I am born with a sliver spoon and extremely rich. As desiring experiencing a normal life style, I hire a private detective to teach me the ordinary behaviour in order not to be out of tune with others or explore my true identity. I do not like being suspended in midair; since I am playing the role already, I am going to do it properly. Hence, I decide to enter a world, which I have never imagined, and live through what my maids describe life being precious. And I think… I am about to enter hell.

CHEN I-Chun   CV




2013   Shih Hsin University Lecturer 

2010   Graduate School of Arts and Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts,Taiwan



2013   Decrypt The secret, Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei ,Taiwan 

2012   Bubble society ,Chi-Wen Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan  

2011   Goodbye Little Factory Series – _Portrait of a Factory, Chi-Wen Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan  

           Inorganic City, Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei ,Taiwan  

2010   Light Calligraphy , Eslite Gallery, Taipei ,Taiwan  



2014   14Art London,London,England Trans mediaFestival–SchizophreniaTaiwan2.0,Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (.CHB),Germany

2013   Cyberfest–SchizophreniaTaiwan2.0,Hermitage museum,Sankt-Peterburg,Russia ACM Multimedia,Barcelona,Spain


2012   9th International Video Art Festival in Busan, Busan, South Korea  

           Physical interface, Taipei Digital Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan  

           FILE 2012 Rio – _Electronic Language International Festival, OI Futuro, Rio, Brazil

2011   PIXILERATIONS〔v.8〕, the Sol Koffler Gallery, Rhode Island, American  

           Cologne International Video art Festival/ Beirut, Budapest, Riga, Cologne, Germany  

           Indistinct Sympathy, Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei ,Taiwan  

           Tokyo Frontline 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan  

2010   Self Stalker - Projected History, MIGA , Tainan ,Taiwan   

           Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition- Eattopia, Hong-Gah Museum,Taipei ,Taiwan  

           Ventriloquized Video-Contemporary Art from Taiwan, Gwangju Museum of Art,Korea  




2012   ACM Multimedia Art Exhibition