CHEN I-Feng – ‘White’ series artist statement 

‘White’ series is titled by number, and the subject of this series is white fabric hung, spread, folded or wrinkled in front of white wall. The works contain simple form, light colour and full of delicate brushwork that shows explicitly the texture that the artist dedicates to present. There are rarely combinations of objects in these untypical ‘still life’ paintings, and these works focus on the shape of one single object. In terms of standpoint and composition, the works demonstrate a stable space with front viewpoint also vertically and horizontally structure with one-point perspective. Even though certain characters of classicalism cannot be recognised in Chen’s works, that visual feature is not realism rather classicalism.

Audiences usually expect to see whole objects that are inside the border of a frame while viewing a painting from a certain distance, and on the other hand, the item that is larger and extends beyond the frame is considered as background. On that account, ‘White’ series may be seen as a challenge to such viewing experience, since in this series, white fabric expends outside the frame and is placed in front of a background with the same colour that makes the painting seem lacking of a subject. Therefore, viewers will then start to identify the only element – fabric – as the subject. Hence, a white fabric that is often organised as background to set forward still life is raised the status in paintings.

Fabric in paintings can be symbolised as cloud in church mural. It is a rather alterable and flexible element even though textile is steadier then cloud and its wrinkles and drapes are relatively more logical then the imagination shape of cloud. Fabric is an element that has wide and diverse utilisations in paintings, such as ropes, curtains, all sorts of clothes and tablecloths. Fabric does not just covers nude, moreover it indicates the gesture of body due to its soft nature. Fabric plays an important role of composition in still life paintings. From Northen Painting – Wilem Kalf (1619-93) to Modern Art – Paul Cézanne (1839-1906), fabric has become a subject matter from padding and wrapping.

‘White’ series raises a question to the history of Easel Painting via its Easel Painting form and is not pure realism but opens up a possibility for expressing style and art discourse.

1985 born in Taipei, Taiwan.


2012「 」I-Feng Chen Solo Exhibition, URS127, Taipei.


2013  YOUNG ART TAIPEI Contemporary Hotel Art Fair, Sheraton Grande Taipei Hotel, Taipei. 

2013  State of Zero – Taiwan realism artists group exhibition, My Humble House Art Gallery, Taipei.

2013  Hope and connection charity exhibition, Multi Art, Taipei.

2012  Cutting edge realism oil painting exhibition, Julia Gallery, Taipei.

2011  New talent prize and Taiwan academic style development exhibition, Nan Gallery, Taipei. 

2011  Imagery and reality, Julia Gallery, Taipei.

2011  conversion – painting, The-Chun Art Gallery, Taipei.

2011  Art Voyage, Hushui Side Art Space, Taipei.

2010  Strangers, Takaya Design Office, Kyoto. 

2009  SH Contemporary, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai.

2009  Revolution Art, Taipei World Trade Center Hall 2, Taipei.

2009  Cross generation – Contemporary Artists Group Exhibition, X-Power Gallery, Taipei. 

2008  Union Bank Touring Exhibition, Taiwan. 


2012  YOUNG ART TAIPEI Contemporary Hotel Art Fair – Young Art Award. 

2009  Taipei International Art Competition Gold Medal. 

2008  The 7th National Large-sized Oil Paintings Exhibition Excellence. 

2007  The 10th Union Bank New-talent Award Excellence.

2007  National Taiwan University of Arts Teachers and Students exhibition – Oil painting, The 2nd prize. 

2006  The 7th National Large-sized Oil Paintings Exhibition, The 3rd prize.

2005  National Taiwan University of Arts Teachers and Students exhibition – Water color painting, The 3rd prize.

2004  Meditation, Ministry of Culture Young Artist Collection.