Chuang Hui-Lin


Yancheng District in Kaohsiung was a vibrant area in the 60’s and 70’s , with Kaohsiung Harbor’s thriving post-war ship dismantlement business propelling a booming hardware industry in the area. With the outbreak of the Vietnam War , Yancheng was once a vacation hotspot for American soldiers , with an enhanced sense of richness ushered into the district’s diverse entertainment and commercial areas developed during the Japanese colonial period. Many young people left rural towns to come to the bustling city to make a living, and traded their youthful years to become acquainted with the new world and to seize the opportunities to chase after their dreams.

Just as the then 18-year old Chun-Feng was concerned about her livelihood,the employment agency referred her to an apprenticeship opening at a bakery in Yancheng. She quickly accepted the offer and packed up a few necessities and left home to head to the bustling city for the job. The work she had to do wasn’t very difficult; all she had to do was sort through the baked goods and work at the cash register. The buttery aroma from the fresh baked goods is a scent that that she has not been able to get out of her mind even some 50 years later ; it is a scent that still haunts her till this day. At the end of the business day , she would go eat with a few of her fellow shop helpers, or they would buy some soy sauce braised snacks to eat by the river as they chitchatted with each other. On their days off, she would go shopping with her friends and buy some imported goods that she had been eyeing for a while. Gazing at the busy city filled with neon lights, Chun-Feng often thought to herself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could have my own bakery like boss…”

Chun - Feng didn’t end up owning a bakery 50 years later, and the dream she had then gradually faded after she left Yancheng. Today, the same streets have remained, but the people are long gone. The aromatic smell of food being prepared lingering in the alleyways is the one component that has remained true. As for Chun-Fen , her youthful years have also slowly faded into a distant dream. 

Whose Youthful Dream is based on my mother’s memories of living in Yancheng , with present day features of the area overlapped and a few iconic scents extracted to result in this artwork consisting of scent balms. As visitors smell or smear the scent balms on their bodies , the unlabeled scents would slowly become noticeable and transform into a presence that is both familiar and foreign. After a brief period of smelling these aromas , what scenarios would attach to the scents as they transfer onto someone else’s memories ? 

Chan Yung-Jen  CV



2016「Creative Fusion International Residency」Cleveland Foundation/Resident at INLET Dance Theater/United States
2015    Kesselhaus atelier/ Resident Artist/Germany
2014    Hsinchu County Sin Guang elementary school/Resident Artist/Hsinchu/Taiwan
2014    Hsinchu County Sin Guang elementary school/Resident Artist/Hsinchu/Taiwan
2013    Louyoung Cultural&Education Foundation/Resident Artists/Siluo/Taiwan
2012    Incheon Art Platform/ Resident Artists/Incheon /Korea
2010    435 International Artist Village/ Resident Artists/ Banciao City/Taiwan


2015「Magic Moments」 , Ramstein Optik , Switzerland
2010「Just want to be alive」 , Black and White Art Space , Taichung , Taiwan
2010「Peru Boundary」 , Sheltering Sky , Taipei , Taiwan
2009「Social Membrane — Waving between familiarity and unfamiliarity」 , Taipei National University of the Arts , Taipei , Taiwan
2004「I’m home」 , Dogpig Art Cafe , Kaohsiung , Taiwan


2017「Boulevard Art Festvial Tainan」 , Mizuiro Workshop , Tainan , Taiwan
2016「My Secret Garden」/ Kaohsiung Children’s Museum of Art , Kaohsiung , Taiwan
2016「Clues」art by textural combination , Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art , Kaohsiung , Taiwan
2014「Interwined-Exploring Textile Art」 , Kaohsiung Children’s Museum of Art , Kaohsiung ,Taiwan
2014「Art Battle」 , The Association of Asian Contemporary Sculptors , Kaohsiung , Taiwan
2013「Petroleum Age」 , Juming Museum , Taipei , Taiwan
2013「3rd Final Exhibition of the Incheon Art Platform Resident Artists」 , Incheon Art Platform , Incheon/korean



2013    Lih-Pao International Sculpture Biennial Awards
2010    Exhibition of the Newly Emerging Artists in Taiwan , Judges'list award



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