Liu Chih-Hung

What would voices look like ?

When the “body” is developed into an auditory organ perceiving numerous voices and sounds , the “visualization of hearing” is made possible
through the synesthesia , transformation , and representation of verbal accounts , interviews , image freezing and abstract/concrete sketch lines.

By collecting related data and sound materials recounting stories of local people , things and happenings , Sound Geography records/databases the plenitude of culture in each local area , and studies the empirical connections between “hearing and sight.” At the same time , it aspires to leave illustrative samples gathered from di erent cities and areas.

The publication of Sound Geography series is meant to establish a “voice- drawing database”through gradual accumulations. This creative project currently covers several cities:Yamaguchi (Japan), Kaohsiung、Hengchun and Beitou (Taiwan). The sample cities in progress--Tainan (Taiwan) , Tokyo (Japan) , Davao (Philippines) , Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) and Sydney (Australia)—since 2015 are due to be finished by 2018. The project is expected to proceed continuously in the future.

Chan Yung-Jen  CV



2016「Creative Fusion International Residency」Cleveland Foundation/Resident at INLET Dance Theater/United States
2015    Kesselhaus atelier/ Resident Artist/Germany
2014    Hsinchu County Sin Guang elementary school/Resident Artist/Hsinchu/Taiwan
2014    Hsinchu County Sin Guang elementary school/Resident Artist/Hsinchu/Taiwan
2013    Louyoung Cultural&Education Foundation/Resident Artists/Siluo/Taiwan
2012    Incheon Art Platform/ Resident Artists/Incheon /Korea
2010    435 International Artist Village/ Resident Artists/ Banciao City/Taiwan


2015「Magic Moments」 , Ramstein Optik , Switzerland
2010「Just want to be alive」 , Black and White Art Space , Taichung , Taiwan
2010「Peru Boundary」 , Sheltering Sky , Taipei , Taiwan
2009「Social Membrane — Waving between familiarity and unfamiliarity」 , Taipei National University of the Arts , Taipei , Taiwan
2004「I’m home」 , Dogpig Art Cafe , Kaohsiung , Taiwan


2017「Boulevard Art Festvial Tainan」 , Mizuiro Workshop , Tainan , Taiwan
2016「My Secret Garden」/ Kaohsiung Children’s Museum of Art , Kaohsiung , Taiwan
2016「Clues」art by textural combination , Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art , Kaohsiung , Taiwan
2014「Interwined-Exploring Textile Art」 , Kaohsiung Children’s Museum of Art , Kaohsiung ,Taiwan
2014「Art Battle」 , The Association of Asian Contemporary Sculptors , Kaohsiung , Taiwan
2013「Petroleum Age」 , Juming Museum , Taipei , Taiwan
2013「3rd Final Exhibition of the Incheon Art Platform Resident Artists」 , Incheon Art Platform , Incheon/korean



2013    Lih-Pao International Sculpture Biennial Awards
2010    Exhibition of the Newly Emerging Artists in Taiwan , Judges'list award



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