Lee.Jay En

There was a rice cake shop in the early Yancheng First Public Retail Market , it had a ladder to the garret for the rest. Now the rice cake shop is closed , leaving only a wooden ladder there.

with full measurement , observing the method and material , I created a ladder that is identical to the market through the " sketch " of mathematical logic. And on the last step pedal, through visual inspection , I sketched again on the ladder in an engraving way , then print the oil on the pedals to the wall. Oil will absorb dust from the air over time and let the picture appears gradually.

In this group exhibition , the wooden ladder enters the space , as if the ladder was set aside as a way to others which connecting the inside and outside part , and the dust in the air is the material that crosses the perceived boundary.

Lee.Jay En  CV


2014    M.F.A , Institute of Plastic Art , Tainan National University of The Arts , Taiwan.



2016「Perception Negligence」 , Zstudy , Taichung.
2016「May I help you」 , Yan Chen Blackblank , Kaohsiung
2015「One night and 2 days」 , Sin Pin Pier , Kaohsiung 
2012「Excessiveafter」 , 691.Blackblank , Changhua
2012「Gray shape」 , Stock20 , Taichung.
2012「cocoon」 , Blackblank , Taichung.
2010「LI Jay En」 , A015 , Changhua


2017「Taoyuan Contempory Art Award , Taoyuan Arts Center , Taoyuan 
2016「Wire Fire」 , Inart space , Tainan.
2015「Temporarily rush to work」 , Xinying culture Center , Tainan.
2014「1Day×28 people from prison plan」 , Blackblank , Taichung.
2013「Travel separately」 , Zstudy , Taichung.
2013「face off」 , Club-Honolulu , Taichung.
2012「graduate School 2012exhibition」 , Sa-Yeh University , Changhua
2011「Wanjay Double exhibition」 , Sa-Yeh University , Changhua
2011「DOUBLE」Sa-Yeh University , Changhua


2016    aoyuan Contemporary Art Award Preferred
2012    New Taipei CityArt Exhibition mixed media Preferred



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