Syu.Jia Jhen

“It begins with a woman putting on makeup. Her fingers caress my face with warm moisture, and her body is pulled in so that her legs can reach inside my thighs. Her red lips part, holding a cotton thread in her mouth as she gazes at my features with full concentration. I close my eyes with shyness , feeling the doubled thread pulled by fingers rolling and plucking all over my skin. I start to enjoy the touch accompanied by a slight pain… ”

I learned facial threading from a strange old woman for half a year. The need for the “inheritance” of my entry into the field as an apprentice , my gaining of recognition , my fulfillment of apprenticeship and then my existence needed by society stems from an individual’s learning from society. The production line of artistic behaviors like “Matchmaking Skill” and “Need for Touching” comes from the opportunity to integrate with society. When the act of producing art touches the realistic field , I take the learning of facial threading as a practice of act. The mastered technique could be used in the civic fields for interactive creations of facial threading. The physical labor by the hands could arouse the painful memory hidden beneath each strange face and connect the gap among generational relationships.

Syu.Jia Jhen  CV


2016    MFA , Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts , TNNUA
2011    BFA , Department of Fine Art , Tung Hai University


2017「What Did You Have That I Did (Did Not)? – Syu Jia Jhen Solo Exhibition」 , Foto Aura,Tainan, Taiwan.
2016「Matchmaking Skill x Need for Touching” – Production Line of Artistic Behavior 」 , Ho-Yo Space , Tainan, Taiwan.
2015「I (Don’t)need you」- Creation Project, Escents Bookcase, Taipei, Taiwan.
2015「you are me. how to love? 」Creation Project , mad L /Hemingway salon , Taipei , Taiwan
2015「Gather every piece of you/my solitude in every moment. 」- solo exhibition , Ho-Yo Space , Tainan , Taiwan.
2014「I collect a piece of you/ You collect a piece of me」 - solo exhibition , Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo , Hsinchu , Taiwan.


2016「Taiwan Annual」 , Taipei expo park , Taipei , Taiwan.
2016「Women's afternoon time」 , Howl Space , Tainan , Taiwan.
2016「Kaohsiung Arts Award」 , KMFA, Kaohsiung , Taiwan.
2016「Do not give up treatment: be a good man」 , Waley  Art , Taipei, Taiwan.
2015「_____solo exhibition」 , Sinpink , Kaohsiung , Taiwan.


2017「106-1 Regular Grants for Visual Art Exhibition」 , NCAF
2016「Kaohsiung Arts Award」 , Selected Prize , KMFA
2013「102-2 Regular Grants for Visual Art Creator」 , NCAF


2016「Floating Light - Memory Contour 」Artist Recidence Plan - Dapu Village , Dong-Ju Island , Matsu , Taiwan
2015「Occupy the Village 」 - Artist Recidence Plan - Matsu the Military Village , Creative Co-working Space ; Chungli , Taoyuan , Taiwan
2014「Matsu the Military Village,Creative Co-working Space ; Chungli」 , Taoyuan , Taiwan




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