Tsui Tsai-Shan


The red thread as my main material , it symbolizes the connection between people , but also disrupts the meaning of space and time. 

In Chinese culture , the word (結) “knot” means the trammels of marriage or family, and also means the connection with someone. My work will expand on the idea of “knot” which winds and extends the “threads” from my past work , as a collection of relations. The work will merge the paper-cutting artworks of naive artist Lou He-Sheng and combine the environment or space to perform and create the site-specific installation work. 

Tsui Tsai-Shan CV


2013    National Kaohsiung Normal University, Master of Institute of Interdisciplinary Art.


2018「The World」 , Traditional Market in Kaohsiung , Taiwan
2017「Cocoon Installation」 , Ponderosa , Germany
2016    Performance and installation: 《After Delicacies》 , Huashan1914 Creative Park , Taipei , Taiwan
2015    Performing with the music creation for the opening of《REWIND_ Video Art in Taiwan 1983-1999》 , Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts , Taiwan
2015    Performing for the opening of《Media is Everything—Art of Lu Ming-te》 , Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts , Taiwan
2014    Performance : 《If it is not relief, what is the relief mean?》 , Treasure Hill Artist Village ,Taipei , Taiwan
2013    Performing with the music creation for the opening of Yellow Butterfly Festival in Meinong , Kaohsiung , Taiwan
2013    Theatre with Performance, Dance and exhibition: 《The Borders of Consciousness--- The Fourth Dimension》 , Tainan , Taiwan
2012    Performing of Paul Celan , The 7th Pacific Ocean Poetry Festival , Hualian , Taiwan
2012「Mind/Silk II」 , Performance art , Meinong, Kaohsiung , Taiwan
2012「Mind/Silk I」 , Performance art , Kaohsiung , Taiwan
2008    Dance improvisation , Hualien Culture Industries Park , Taiwan
2008    Piano improvisation of 《The opening of Gaze》 , Pine Garden , Hualien , Taiwan
2007    Piano improvisation of 《Black Milk》 , Pine Garden, Hualien , Taiwan
2006    Piano improvisation , The First Pacific Ocean Poetry Festival , Taiwan


2017    performing for《Southern Clairaudience》 , Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts , Taiwan
2014    Performing for the opening of 《Sitnalta》 , Crane Gallery , Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
2012    The details of Monkey-Wrenching , Kaohsiung , Taiwan
2011    Performance with music creation : 《The Borders of Consciousness I》of The 6th Pacific Ocean Poetry Festival , Hualien , Taiwan
2011    「My-Topia , Sin Pink Pier , Kaohsiung , Taiwan


2017「Cocoon Installation」 , workshop/Performance/Installation , Ponderosa, Germany

2011-2012 Dadong QQQ Theater , Da Dong Elementary School , Kaoshiung

2012「Mind/Silk II」 , Performance art , Meinong , Kaohsiung , Taiwan


2018 Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government – The World

2017 National Cultural and Arts Foundation – Cocoon Installation



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