“A Poem of Window View at Yancheng” is based on the map of Yancheng , Koahsiung city with overlapping of patterns of online street map and iron window grille of subject boat collected from field trips. The two-dimensional map is turned into the element of three-dimensional window grille ; inside the frame, the see-through background is composed of past scenery at Yancheng where the memory of the region is reflected by the material of transarency. This onsite installation crafts a relationship between symbol and real scene. The collage of tape and lamination attempts to explore geographical space , reconstitute regional semiotics , practice forms of pictorializatoin , and transform products of culture accumulated through time. The flat collage of color patches and layers leading to the dissimilation of semiotics enables a space traversing time: when color patches meet natural lights , it is shown the reshaped memory scenery of the old time.


2016    Mini Store O2O , Life Hub @ Jinqiao , China shanghai
2016    Lost in Dreamland: The poem of grilles on Sec. 4, Bade Road” , Powen Gallery , Taipei
2016    Vision V.S Window: Solo Exhibition of Chien-yi Wu” , Share Art Space, Kaohsiung
2015    The poem of Window View - Qingshui”, Taichung City Seaport Art Center , Taichung
2015    Mini Icy and Fruit Punches Shop” , Tainan Fun Center , Tainan
2015    Residential Memory: Wen Meng-Yu and Wu Chien-Yi Duo Exhibition” , Art Alley Café , Taipei
2015    Keywords Searching: The Solo Exhibition” ACCTON GALLERY , Hsinchu
2014    Miniature Department Store" Zhongyou Department Store A Building 10th Floor Creative Platform , Taichung
2012    Elite Mini Bookstore” , Shinyi Eslite Art Studio , Taipei
2010    Rescue Plan” , black and white cut , Taichung 
Selected group Exhibitions
2018    Next Art Tainan  Award - Metamorphosis Soka Art , Tainan
2017    Fubon- First Flagship Store ART SALON , Fubon Bank Lujiazui Branch, Shanghai , China
2017    Jodori Khiang-Community Artfest. , Taipei Art Village and Tongtong Street District , Taipei
2017    Taipei Art Village Artists Exhibition , Taipei Art Village , Taipei
2017    Collecting and so on , Taipei Fine Arts Museum , Taipei
2017    View X Weave , Fubon Art Foundation , Folio Daan Taipei
2016    Taipei International Art Fair - MIT New People's Recommendation Area , World Trade Center , Taipei
2016    Artistic Tourism is a Land Hsinchu City Art Museum , Hsinchu
2016    Taiwan Biennale - The Possibility of an Island , National Taiwan Museum of Art , Taichung
2016    House 7 / 8th Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition Conrad Hong Kong , Hong Kong
2016    Month Moonlight Festival of Light , Moontsu Harbor , Tainan Saltwater
2016    Got it now yet , Taipei Digital Art Center , Taipei
2015    The Street Grand Opening, Contemporary Art Museum X Chifeng District , Taipei
2015    Kaohsiung has come , the role of cities creation< Kaohsiung
2013    Paper Works , Sui Pin Arts Center , Taichung
2012    Taiwan Biennial , National Taiwan Museum of Art , Taichung
2012    Xia Yan - The Biggest Future Star , Can Tea House Taipei
2012    Taiwan-Macau Artists Joint Exhibition , Contemporary Gallery , Taipei
2012    Ruins/Urban/Freaks , Treasure of Yan Art Gallery Cross Art Gallery , Taipei
2011    Taipei Art Award , Taipei Fine Arts Museum , Taipei
2011    A. Planoidea , Guandu Art Museum , Taipei

2018    Next Art Tainan  
2016    Ministry of Culture MIT Newcomer Recommend Artist
2016    Selected for the “The 14th Taoyuan Creation Award”
2015    Taiwan Art Foundation's 13th Taiwan New Award Special Plan "Seeing and Seeing Distance"
2015    The Winning for the “The 2015 Taiwan Emerging Art Awards – the Series of 2D Art”
2015    Selected for the “The 13th Taoyuan Creation Award”
2014    Selected for the “2014 New Look Exhibition of Taiwan Fine Arts - the Series of 3D Art”
2012    The Winning for the “2012 Xinbei City Young Artist Award”
2011    Selected for the “2011 Taipei Fine Arts Award”
2011    Selected for “2011 New Look Exhibition of Taiwan Fine Arts - the Series of Plane Art”
2011    Selected for the “100 Nation-wide Fine Arts Exhibition - the Category of New Media Arts”
2010    Selected for the “2010 Kaohsiung Award - the Category of Mixed Media”

2017『FB AIR PROGRAM Taiwan FB Headquarters Office Creation Project』 Artist
2017    "Xixiu-New Taipei City Public Art Workshop" Artist
2017    Artist of "Treasure Rock International Art Village & Art Sofa Guest"
2017    "Taipei Art Village" artist in the village
2016    “Fubon Art Foundation ” Station Artist
2016    Shanghai Jinqiao International Business Plaza Artists
2015    Creative Design of "Weeknight Magazine Cover Issue 2"
2014    Public TV "Literature Face & Book 32" collage design

2018    Taichung National Opera House's Workshop
2017    Taipei City Art Museum Children's Art Education Center “Impression Scenery Collage Workshop”
2017    Fubon Art Foundation "Fuyi Travel Artist Workshop - Old Window Flower Collage"
2016    Taipei University of Technology Teaching Resource Center "Yiqi Middle School"
2016    Shanghai Jinqiao International Business Plaza “Mini Store Collage Workshop”
2014    Academia Sinica's Taiwan Creative CC Project "Collage Movie"
2014    Taiwan Artists Expo "Workshop - Miniature Factory"
2014    Taipei City Confucius Temple Management Committee "Spring Artisan Fun"
2014    Sunshine Foundation's Collage Art Healing Course
2012    National Taiwan Museum of Art "Taiwan Registration - 2012 Taiwan Biennale" New Arts Meet ‧ to accompany

2017    『FB AIR PROGRAM Taiwan FB Headquarters Office Creation Project』
2017    "Daan Window Scenery Poetry" Fubon Art Foundation 
2016    “Mini Store O2O” , Life Hub @ Jinqiao , China shanghai
2016    "Bridge South Window View Poetry" Art Bank 
2015    "Taiwan Art New Scene Exhibition - Window Space Poem" Taichung City Harbor Art Center 
2015    "HOPE EGG Charity Project" Taipei 
2012    "5100 Micro Document Project 2012811-916 New Taipei City Cultural Bureau 
2012    "5100 Mini Store Shopping Website Video Archives-2012 Taiwan Biennale International Exchange" National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts




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