As our body wanders and associates ‘physical space’ with ‘internet space’, the integration between technology and visual perception has been an inseparable part hidden in our everyday life. ‘Body is a suited sitting room, and eyes are the television screen in it’. (Illustration 1) This artwork intends to depict the ‘spatial differentiation of body’.



[Illustration 1]



I name this work and mean to create a present collective portrait via projection and catching image.

Since body is a space, there is a difference of time and a gap of space within the body. This work is presented with a traditional picture/ mirror frame and in which are two devices:

1. Glass – there are five pieces of glass pilled together that may project a mirrored virtual space and create layered images. Therefore, when the viewer (body) moving in front of the work, the image of the person’s figure will be reflected on each of the layered glass. Moreover, when the distance between the body and the work changes, the reflection in the frame will expand (moving further) or gather (moving closer).

2. Visual installation – when one looks at oneself through a webcam, is it becoming a self-surveillance or just another self-watching experience? A webcam is the eye of computer that captures images, which go through different windows via Internet and are presented on computer screens digitally. A webcam is rarely used to project the user him/herself. The work is an ‘immediate self-presentation’ with a reflective image receiving and instant projection. Hence, the ‘spatial differentiation of body’ appears within the time lag between signal transmissions.

parallels visual technology and glass installation that accumulate double images in order to explore ‘ the mode of physical space’.




2008  Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory, Tainan National University of the Arts

2004  M.F.A., Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts, Tainan National University of the Arts

2000  B.F.A., Graduate Program in Fine Arts Dept., Nation Taiwan University of Arts


2007  Gained auspices of the National Cultural and Arts Foundation (NO.96-1)

2006  Kio-A-Thau Artist-in-Residence, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2006  Peninsula Arts Festival 2006 Proposal artists

2005  Gained auspices of the National Cultural and Arts Foundation (NO.94-1)

2005  International Artist in Residence Program in 2005 New York City (International Studio & Curatorial Program)

2003  Gained auspices of the National Cultural and Arts Foundation (NO.92-1)

2003  Peninsula Arts Festival 2003 Proposal artists

2002  S-An Cultural Foundation -- Award of Plastic Arts


2009  「The Condition of Existence NO.7"」 TAIYU Beaux Arts Salon, Chiayi

2007  「Familiar with the unfamiliarity」, Taipei fine arts museum, Taipei

2006  「Looking for」, Sinping Dock Gallery, Kaohsiung

2005  「Open studio」, International studio & Curatorial Program, New York City, USA

2003  「Someone here?」, Sinping Dock Gallery, Kaohsiung GROUP EXHIBITIONS

2012  「Very Fun Park 2012」, Taipei

2011  「The Living Gesture in Asia」 2011ASIA ART FORUM, online exhibition website: 

2011  「The Proverbs in The Living Room」, stock 20, Taichung 

2010  「Self stalker-Projected History」, Tainan National University of the Arts & MIGA,  Tainan

2010  「Quodlibet of Time-Space」, 107gallery, Taichung

2010  「a childhood-the artist of Taiwan seventy generationsⅡ」, TOSEE art Agency, show gallery, Taipei, Kaohsiung

2010  「KNOW HOW」, a chamber art gallery, Taipei

2010  「Why the difference!」, Kaohsiung Cultural Center, Kaohsiung 

2009  「Play Tricks with Space」, Children's museum of art, Kaohsiung

2008  「The Love of fool」, Hualien Creative & Cultural Park, Hualien

2007  「Fantasy is Beauty Enjoy a Surrealist Adventure」, Children's museum of art, Kaohsiung

2007  「Very fun park-II」, Taipei 

2006  「From Insight to Outside」, SLY ART, Taipei

2006  「Terrifying」, Sinping Dock Gallery, Kaohsiung

2006  「GO WEST」, Huashan Culture Park, Taipei

2006  「Between Opened and Closed」, Yuan Ze University Arts Center, Taoyuan

2005  「Membrane onto magic」, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei

2004  「The Ego Consciousness of Contemporary Art」, Cultural Bureau of Kaohsiung County Government, Kaohsiung

2003  「Taipei Arts Award」 (Honorable Mention), Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei

2002  「Exhibition?」, Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts in Tainan National University of  the Art, Tainan