YANG Chi-Chuan


Chi-Chuan Yang’s art and reading are personalized murmurings that have been extended to call upon the audience’s own similar experiences, seeking to open up memories related to time, space, objects, and events. The core of this artwork is based on a personal memory databank, which is publically displayed through writing and reading out loud. Fragments of memories that have been deposited for a long time are thereby turned into chapters and stories consisting of contents connected to family, politics, animals, food, and other areas related to humanities and social sciences.


Taking a continued artistic expression from recent writing and sound installation, Two Houses of Sixty Years Old is inspired by the old and stylish interior design of the gallery space. Daylight sheds from the windows and shades the space, the curves, the exquisite decorations in between the columns and the ceiling. A recall of renovations of the artist’s own house. When the artist writes down the process of restoring the old house, nostalgia and sentiments over the lifeless matters are murmured and stack layers of discourses and speculation about life in the heart. 

YANG Chi-Chuan CV

Education / Project

2011 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (DNSAP), Paris, France.

2009 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (DNAP), Paris, France. 

2007 Taiwan National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan. 


Solo Exhibition (Selected)

2017 Have a Good Day, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan

2017 Tick-Tock, Tings That Can Happen, Hong Kong

2017 Essays During The Night, Juming Museum, Taipei Taiwan

2016 √YANG, CHI-CHUAN, Radicalsign, Taipei Taiwan

2016 What a Wonderful World, Grey Projects, Singapore

2014 Specimen, NanHai Gallery, Taipei Taiwan

2011 Experience/Me, Atelier Paris ENSBA, Paris France

2009 Process, Atelier Deacon ENSBA, Paris France


Group Exhibition (Selected)

2017 Taipei Art Award 2017, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan

2015 Bio Apartment Vol.2, AI Herbarium, Taipei, Taiwan

2014 One Has Said That…., National Art Education Center, Taipei, Taiwan

2014 Writing, NanHai Gallery, Taipei Taiwan

2014 For for for forest, TKG+ Projects, Taipei, Taiwan

2010 Thank You ART - Nezumiko Exhibition Vol.2 ,Void+, Tokyo, Japan

2010 Fêtes printanières, University Paris 7, Paris France

2009 Tous Ensemble , Galeries Droite&Gauche , Paris France

2007 Transformed , NanHai Gallery , Taipei Taiwan

2007 Begining In Human , Salt Peanuts Space , Taipei Taiwan

2006 My Dear Ladys , Hua-Shan Creative Park , Taipei Taiwan



2017 Things That Can Happen, Hong Kong

2016 Grey Projects, Singapore