City, Paradox?!

Salon Host: Chen Chih-Hung

2014.09.06 Sat. 19:00~


2O14 Wordwave Festival

Host: Tsai Wan-Shuen & Yannick Dauby

2014.08.02 Sat. 19:00~


The Taiwanese video art since 1980

Salon Host: Sing Song-Yong

2014.07.19 Sat. 19:00~











How to Develop Yourself as An Artist: An Ignorant Schoolmaster’s Art Classes

Salon Host: TSAI Pei-Kuei

2014.06.07 Sat. 19:00~









Fortuitous and bizarre, beloved and forbidden

Salon Host: WANG Y-kuan

2014.04.26 Sat. 19:00~










The Paradox of Diasporas

Salon Host: Dr. Ming Turner

2014.03.08 Sat. 19:00











Salon Host: YANG Wan-I

2014.01.18 Sat. 19:00










Man on wire – yes, you can swing Artists’ Night

Guest speakers:

GONG Yih-jau, SHENG Bo-Chen

2013.09.14 Sat. 19:00~20:30